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A three-digit listing today may be seen in Zomato's share prices

Zomato IPO Subscription: After obtaining an oversubscription of 180 times than the original offering, the Zomato IPO (Initial Public Offering) is expected to trade on the Indian Stock Exchanges at over ₹ 100 a share price. According to market experts and grey market public issue premiums, both financial and short-term sentiment favor a solid price with a minimum premium of 35-40 percent. Zomato IPO GMP today is ₹27, which is ₹4 more than yesterday's grey market premium of ₹23. According to stock market experts, Zomato shares can trade between 35 and 40 percent, with a profit that also reflects a triple-digit IPO quote. The company's shares of the online food delivery platform will be listed in NSE and BSE today.

Speaking of potential listing gains from Zomato's IPO; Abhay Doshi, the founder of UnlistedArena.com, said: "With the improved sentiments in the primary and broader market, I expect Zomato may list in three digits. Zomato's listing will set a benchmark for upcoming startup IPOs."

Zomato IPO
Abhay Doshi, who trades in IPOs and unlisted stocks, added that the Zomato IPO issue price is ₹72 to ₹76, which means that if we add ₹27 to the public issue price, the expected listing price will have become to ₹103 ( 76 + 27 rupees).

On what the post-listing strategy should be, Avinash Gurashkar, research director at Profitmart Securities, said: "My advice to the lucky bidders of the Zomato IPO is to record earnings on the listing date."

Zomato IPO

Zomato IPO details.
After the shares are awarded on July 22, 2021, a refund will begin today for unlucky bidders who failed to make a reduction in the list of lucky bidders, and today the shares will be credited to the Demat account of the lucky bidders.

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