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From Rs. 5 / Pen To a Big Success: That is Linc's Story

Linc pens have been in every Calcuttan for the past 45 years. This Kolkata-based company was initially endorsed by cricketer Sachin Tendulkar, built by Deepak Jalan, and is a reminder of how to start a small business that can gradually help build a business that records a turnover of Rs.400 crores per year.

Even in this age of digitization, pen and paper will never be forgotten. Every note and scribble is etched with a pen and Linc`s affordability and ease of availability has helped many consumers obtain a piece or two of the brand`s pieces lying around in an emergency. Link is one of the fastest-growing brands since 1976 and also offers other types of stationery products, including markers, geometric boxes, erasers, and pencils.

How did Linc's journey begin?

Founded by Deepak's father in the 1960s, he knew that pens would never go out of style at that time, be it in a student's life at school or college. Therefore, this business idea immediately surprised him and Linc was born. Ballpoint pens were easier to handle compared to the pens that were very dirty. With Link, Deepak's father wanted these everyday essentials to be affordable.

If he gets a good look at the pen, he will notice that the quality of the materials used to make the nib differs from other brands. Deepak's father wanted materials that were worthwhile and that was comfortable to use while he took notes. Linc draws his head from Switzerland and ink from Germany after teaming up with two friends in the 1970s who were in the pen business.

The first Linc Ball pen was sold for Rs. Only 2! This was followed by the launch of the gel group in 2002, after which the company reached out to several schools to provide children with gel ink pens instead of fountain pens. The brand was an instant hit.

Today, Linc is available in more than 1.5 lakh stores across India, from small retail stores to large outlets across the country. It completed its 45th year in 2020, with a turnover of Rs. 400 crores. LINC competes with other stationery brands such as Reynolds, Pentatonic, Deli, and Marklin and has a market share of just 10%.

Deepak also emphasizes that the identity of the Linc brand is very important to keep up with the trends of the years and compete with other brands to stay on top. Therefore, the company is constantly trying to innovate new ranges and types of pen tips to help create the class that attracts customers.

We hope that Linc will continue to meet the needs of the general public in India by creating usable pens that will remain an indispensable part of everyone's life, despite the times.

Source: MarketingMind

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