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Apple iPhone 12 offered with discount of up to ₹34,000 using trade-in: How to avail

The price of Apple's iPhone 12 in India is one of the highest in the world. However, the company offers some additional benefits if the user plans to buy an iPhone through the official Apple Store. One of the biggest benefits of doing this is the exchange option. Apple offers a big discount on the exchange of old phones. Regarding the iPhone 12 Pro, the company offers a discount of up to Rs 34,000. The range of discounts will change depending on the smartphone purchased.

Apple also has a list of some of the popular phones and their values when choosing to trade them. To know the value of your smartphone with the Apple exchange option, the user will have to answer a few questions during the purchase process.

Apple will initially ask for the serial number of the device that needs to be replaced. In case the user plans to exchange an Android smartphone, they will need to enter the IMEI code. After this step, the user will be asked questions about the storage and general health of the smartphone. Once the user has answered all the questions, they will receive a value that will decrease from the final purchase price of the new iPhone.

Once the purchase is made using the exchange option, Apple will also provide instructions to prepare the user's smartphone for the exchange. When the delivery man arrives, he will run a diagnostic test and check the status of the equipment immediately. If everything is checked, the exchange and purchase process is complete.

If the smartphone fails the diagnostic test or the condition does not match as described, the buyer will be required to pay the replacement balance in full to receive the new iPhone.

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