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Apple to open the brand's first retail store in 2021 - Apple CEO

On Wednesday, Cook confirmed that the company would open the first offline retail store in the world's second-largest smartphone market next year, according to Apple Insider reports.

“There is no need for someone else to run the brand for us,” he said.

We would like to do things our way," Apple CEO said.

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Apple currently contains third-party reseller outlets to sell its products in the country.

There are reports that Apple has rented a location in Mumbai to the potential brand retailer, but the company has not yet disclosed the location.

Apple's exclusive online store is expected to start operating in the third quarter of this year. The technology giant of Cupertino is currently selling its devices in India through offline retailers and e-commerce platforms  such as Flipkart and

Welcoming the government's decision to reduce the national source base by 30 percent in individual brand retail (SBRT), Apple said last year: "We appreciate the support and hard work that Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his team have made this possible and we look forward to that.

According to Navkendar Singh, Research Director of IDC India, Apple is known for its retailers, the experience it provides in terms of purchases, knowledge of employees and other services.

The opening plan of the property store will surely help Apple provide a controlled experience for its hardware and services as intended and designed.

E-commerce news India - Apple reached a record market share of 75.6 percent in the last quarter of 2019 in India due to the impressive performance of the iPhone 11 and lower prices on the previous generation models.

According to International Data Corporation (IDC), in the insurance sector ($500 or Rs 36,000 and above), Apple has reached a record market share of 75.6 percent.

Apple announced in January that Apple recorded double-digit growth in India for the iPhone in the holiday quarter (from October to December). Apple also reported good growth in portable devices in India.

The IPad 2018 model has helped Apple to make strong growth in India in 2019.

In the future, the push to locally manufacture advanced iPhones along with the first flagship retail store would give Apple a boost in the price-sensitive smartphone market in 2020, according to industry experts.

Picture Source: business insider, Japan Top News

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