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Whatfix obtains Airim to give India's first Digital Adoption Solutions

Whatfix, the leading digital adoption platform, today announced that it has acquired Airim, a provider of customization engine backed by artificial intelligence for users and customers in India. Airim technology will be integrated with Whatfix to complement the company's digital adoption platform and help enhance the AI stack to deliver customized content to each user independently, making Whatfix the industry's first digital adoption solution (DAS) in delivering independent customization.
By providing a contextual guide in the app, Whatfix helps companies allow faster integration of user applications, learning into workflow and self-help that increases user productivity. In conjunction with the dedicated engine with Airim AI technology, Whatfix users can now expect super-personalized instructions in the app when needed. Airim's AI patent algorithms, based on millions of user actions, will now enhance independent customization capabilities on the Whatfix platform, based on automatic detection of user behavior in the app or on the site (e.g., clicks and displacements), preferred language, demographics, and country / city Operating system, device type, URL, browser, browser language, page title, meta tags, traffic count, previous page / URL visited, elapsed time to page, user intention to sign out, and more.

“Whatfix already provides customers with context based on artificial intelligence, implementation of business steps, recall of intermediate steps, and data entry and retrieval based on BOT. Inc. "Using the Airim customization engine, users who share the same business role and location in the application and general use will independently see different custom orientations based on their specific application behavior, compliance pattern, intention, and device type, among other factors. User and digital adoption to an unprecedented level in business applications. "

Using DAS for artificial intelligence (AI), a central component of digital optimization, can help correct a course. Analyzes that include AI provided by DAS service providers allow sales processes to understand how vendors interact with the system. The digital adoption solution analyzes click flows, how long it takes for a step, and where users break down or leave the entire process. This type of information gives administrators the ability to make corrective changes to help users complete tasks in processes. Melissa Hilbert, a senior management analyst, said in a recent Gartner report, increasing sales productivity with digital adoption solutions.

"The Airim team is delighted to join the Whatfix family and provide Whatfix users with better digital adoption, based on each user's hyper-autonomy," said Sujoy Chaudhary, CEO of Airim. "In addition to the automatic detection of user actions and attributes, the Airim customization engine can be configured to direct content according to the user's current location, preferred language, profile, previous support tickets, chat history and phase in repression."

“We love how Airim texting has helped us better send messages to site visitors and has helped improve our acquisition metrics,” said Sanjith Kumar. "We hope to see Airim integrate with Whatfix and provide its own customization capabilities to provide a better customer integration experience."
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