Zomato Gold: No significant progress

The association raised critical problems such as deep discounting, data concealment, and high and unequal commission charges with delivery collectors.

India's National Association of Restaurants said on Monday that little progress could be made on Zomato Gold issues during a meeting with the company. However, discussions on eight key issues at the second meeting with the major delivery complexes Zomato and Swiggy were mostly positive. "Follow-up meetings with Swiggy and Zomato on the eight-core issues have been largely positive and the talks have progressed well so far," INSTRAW President Anuraj Katariyar said in a statement.

Both compounds have presented a concrete roadmap and informed the National Institute of Progress of the progress made so far. He also noted that because the changes required are so significant and important, their total resolution may take some time. The association raised critical issues such as deep discounting, data concealment, and high and unequal commission charges with delivery collectors. However, no significant progress has been made in the Zomato Gold case. Katriar said NRAI remains firm in his belief that Zomato Gold in its current form is unacceptable both in the dinner sector and in the delivery department.

He added that the association noted and thanked Zomato for suspending the controversial Infinity Meal program until further notice. Commenting on the closing session in the vertical dining room, Katriar said: "INPI has successfully concluded talks with Dine Out, Gourmet Passport, Lobaye and Magikpin and returned to work and beyond #Logo." "The talks with Eazydiner are very advanced and we expect an early solution." NRAI plays an important role in our ongoing efforts to allow restaurant partners to grow sustainably while taking advantage of the latest technology interventions.

"Our recent discussions on various projects have been very welcome and one step closer to achieving our common goals," a Swiggy spokesman said. “We continue to engage with NRAI on all the problems facing the industry and we are focused on providing sustainable solutions to all participants,” said Zomato's spokesperson-

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