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25,000 Farmers Working and attaining financial independence Across 3 Districts: The glorious journey of Farmveda CEO:Kaushalendra Yadav

Let’s see how Kaushalendra sowed the seeds of change. Farmveda was borne out of this belief and intention that the only meaningful way to raise the farmer's income substantially is to see that control of the produce should remain in the hands of the farmers. In order to maximise the returns, it was essential to convert the staples into value-added, packaged and branded food products that would find a market in affluent urban environments. Thus was born the brand Farmveda, a brand owned by the farmers of India. 


Farmveda works with NGO named Centre for Collective Development ( Both these organisations were started by Prof Trilochan Sastry who teaches at IIM Bangalore. The objective of CCD is to pool, process, package and sell farmer’s produce, remove middlemen and get farmers better prices. Farmveda concocts value-added products, sells directly to consumers and shares all the profit with farmers.

Farmveda products are in ready to eat and ready to cook category. The Objective of Farmveda is to save time and yet get a taste like home-cooked food.

Kaushalendra tells us about how they focus upon an increment of farmer’s income and how they are getting better prices for their produce, consumers are getting quality products and they don't have to pay too much. He is extremely proud of what he is doing.

Challenges faced during the entrepreneurial journey.

Kaushalendra was an employee of Farmveda but he became the CEO with his incessant devotion towards the venture. B2C is an intricate market in value-added food category he says. There are large players who can splurge in terms of advertising. Earning new customers is a challenge. We are very sure once someone uses our products they will continue with us. We ensure there is no chemical preservatives and taste is like home-cooked food.

Kaushalendra shared Entrepreneurial gyaan for our readers, he says “if one have a meticulous drive to solve a real problem. As far as the market size is concerned, it is substantial and growing. Become operationally profitable as soon as possible”

Team B2B would like to wish Kaushalendra and team Farmveda all the best. If you’d like to the sumptuous flavours of farm products and indulge in green goodness please click here.


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