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Google Can Help You Find Your Lost Phone; Here’s How

These days most of the work depends on a smartphone, and it is not less than a disaster to lose your phone.

A majority of our daily life tasks and operations somehow depends on a smartphone.  Misplacing your phone in the home itself makes you fall into the tensed situations. Then think how much it hurts after finding that the phone is lost. Later or sooner, at least once in their lives, everyone had suffered from the situation when they have lost their phone or stolen by someone else’s. 


According to this problem, Google  invented a technology through which you can find your phone easily. 

Are you stuck in a similar situation ? Google has a technology or security system through which you can help you find your phone, whether your phone has been lost or misplaced in your home. In India, most of Smartphone owners don't get their phone back once after losing it or being stolen; this is due to the weak security system. Google now has taken a serious step at solving this issue and about to launch the security system that will help you find your lost phone. Suppose that you are walking on the road and have lost your phone while walking. Maybe it has a 100% chance  someone is going to find your phone, but only a 1% chance that he will return your phone.  

Google is the only app   which can help you to find your lost phone by its latest technology. Thankfully, there are many ways to get back your missing phone. First thing,  you have to know that there are only fewer chances that you find your phone after it has been stolen or missing. There are only your responsibilities to keep your phone safe.  

If your smartphone is  running on iOS or Android, then you are lucky. Because of that, it already has software to hunt it more easily. Or there are many apps in the market that you can install to track it out.  

There if you have lost your phone happened to be smartphones, the significant fact is that Google and Apple include mobile phone tracker

You know that for your android device, this is your Google account and for IOS device, this is your cloud technology. Both allow you to track and wipe out your phone. The cloud and account associated technology make it ring, and set up messages. But one thing is mainly vital that your phone's battery as good as your phone. If your phone battery dies, you could not have found your phone. 

To Find A Lost Phone

Android not only offers Google service to find your phone and managing too, but it is also provided that several third-party apps design for finding your phone. You know that the easiest way for using your phone by finding my device, which is built into your phone by Google technology. You can install the Google play store. 



  • Mobile phone tracker via GPS 

  • Erase your phone remotely 

  • Works with tablets and smartphone 

Google find my device app is most important in finding your phone. It is necessary for android user, and it has another excellent app like the favourite android app. If you have added a Google account to your android device, then you can find your phone.

This app makes it simple to locate your phone and helps to find it all you have to do it with download this app from play store. After you install the app, it will ask you to log in, and you make sure you have to turn your location. You should take on all the set. And make sure it is set to high accuracy for best results once you have installed and running. You can use capable your device, as long as it's turned on.


Lost Android is a little different, and you can do lots of effects to find your phone in android function. It offers incredible features and lots of benefits to find your phone that is help you to find your phone which is missed by you or lost in someplace. It can detect your stolen phone, so this is more beneficial for you.

For finding, first of all, you have to file the lost phone complaint. You also have the ability to automatically forward messages get on your phone and sent directly message from your computer.  The lost android phone allows you to activate a remote control alarm. If your phone is on silent mode, then no problem you can easily find your phone through this function. Read More: Magical Robot: Airwheel Smart Riding Luggage


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