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Google Assistant can control your smart home effectively; know how.

Do you know Google Assistant is the voice assistant? Google assistant in the market with voice control "ok Google." It is the extended form of Google now. So initially, Google now smartly gets all information about you. It precisely knows where you live, where you work, your meeting, your plan. What is your interest you can see in front of you?

Now if we talk about Google, then it’s another name trust and effectiveness. Google assistant has integrated itself with other Google service. That is more effective for our living. More than a million people use Google assistant APK for making better their life. More and more people use a smart voice, assistant in their smartphone. Which is integrating with a more effective speaker? It is the reason now Google assistant app is being used in homes. 



What can Google Assistant do?

  • Run timers and reminders

  • Control music

  • Play content on your device 

  • Make appointment and meeting 

  • Real-time spoken translation

  • Control your device and smart home 

  • Access all over information from your calendar 

  • Control your application 

  • Security of your home and your phone

Where can We find Google Assistant? 

Google assistant is not only available on the smartphone. It is also available for home, car, etc. it is available in home range with the speaker, consist in the Google home max, Google mini, Google next hub mix, and many more. Whatever google assistant is also available with various third-party devices.

You know that artificial intelligence is at your fingertip. Google assistant API is natively available in most of the android smartphone. You can easily access your phone or your home speaker to make your life more active. You are obtaining it as pressing and holding home keys in the setting. Go," Hey Google," this voice activation in your system.

How Can Google Assistant Make Your Life Easy 

it is your agenda, which is being completed by Google assistant

  • In your next appointment

  • Your daily working routine 

  • Yours remember and date which is most famous for your family

  • Your workout schedule 

  • Regular work to-do list


Google assistant is most important used in reminder and notes you know today life is too busy to never before. Google assistant app is so useful for the reminder and sign to get your effectiveness in our work. You can set a reminder for some specific time and use it. You can create a reminder when you have to go somewhere, or you can create a reminder when you need to do some work for your office. 

You can set your reminder for a general location to use it- such usual grocery, or for supermarket, or get some muffin. And the Google Assistant will deliver the message in the next time when you will arrive at the point.


You can download Google assistant from play store; it is available in both version Google assistant app for pc and smartphones. You can use the Google Assistant app effectively.  Google assistant is controlled your home as using the device. Look if you have a highly intelligent guide for your work. So Google Assistant APK is enough for doing everything for you.

First, you can check everything on it.  You can manage your daily routine work with it. It is working as well as your servant.

Google assistant is using as an assistant like you can use it for every homework like most you can set the alarm before asleep. You can teach your children's with bits of help of it speaker function. You know that Google is a fascinating company. The Google assistant developer is ensuring that it is used in the crucial case including home security, safety, Alertness, reminding, protection, GPS, and for searching something.


Google home device is mostly used for broadcasting. If you have a Google home device that you will be creating your life, exactly you want to create. Google Home device is a necessary material for home. Let's thing you will say “ok Google" and ask anything, you want to request from it. Whether it may be relating from home, cooking, life, things, and maybe relating to your child. It has almost every answer. Like this, Google, the Assistant makes it you're like so easy and straightforward.

With Google Assistant for PC, you can make hand free-call. Google assistant is the most unit system of AI. You can make a hand-free call with saying "hello Google" call him "name" it automatically recognizes whose going to call right now. It understands your voice as well as his voice. Whose is be called. Think you were going to call your mom that it already recognizes your mom's voice. It is perfectly able to make a call that is in your contact.


 It applies to find something which is connected to it. Or may you would have connected with it. So let's imagine, your phone has lost. How you can find your phone. "Say ok Google," where my phone is? It knows where is your phone because it is connected to your phone by GPS.  So it is to find your phone easily. Google Assistant API helps you to tell a story to your Childers. You can describe Google assistant to say to an account. It is applicable to do it. 

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