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Google Pixel 3 Launched for $799

Google released its Pixel 3 phone in November 2018 at a press event in New York.

It is among a wide range of products that were anticipated to be released the event by Google. Google also released the Pixel Slate, Google Home Hub that seems like a Google Home intelligent speaker with an in-built screen, and a new Chromebook tablet whose size is double to that of a laptop.

Here’s the summary of every product that Google released along with the Google Pixel 3.


Google Pixel 3 & 3 XL First Look

The Pixel 3 is the successor of Pixel 2 that was released in October 2017. It is available in two dimensions: an XL model of 6.3-inches and a standard model of 5.5-inches. Google announced that the front speakers of Pixel 3 are 40% more powerful as compared to Pixel 2. At the same time, Google also stated that the best thing that Google used in this phone is its unique plastic OLED display. That’s a crucial change that is made after getting lots of complaints regarding the performance of the Pixel 2 screen just after its launching.

Google gave a huge amount of time conversing about the excellence of Pixel 3 camera performance, picture quality, and a lot of effects that can be used while snapping the image. The camera of Pixel 2 was also rated among the most salutary cellphone cameras available in the market. Google also stated that the technology used in Pixel 3 is generations ahead to that of the technology and innovation used by a majority of leading mobile manufacturing brands. It has a customized imaging chip that improves pictures directly on the mobile phone. (Apart from this Apple Incorporation also has a customized in-built image chip into its mobile phones.)

The users can automatically shoot multiple images using the camera of Pixel 3 camera in a single time through the burst mode. It also has a feature named 'Top Shot' that automatically identify and choose the most suitable image you have clicked. In addition to burst mode and top shot, it also has a smart zoom option, which utilizes integrated software systems to intensify features in the picture zooming-in. Google put a huge consideration on low-light snapshotting and stated images clicked during the night will be so clear that you don't even require to use flash. The users rarely need the flash, but it is available.

Another great feature named “Screen Call” can assist you in identifying spam calls and messages as soon as they appear on your screen. If you accept that the call is spam, you can immediately block it by marking it as spam.

Subsequently, there will be a wireless charging stand for Pixel 3 that costs 79 Dollars. It enables you to get help from Google Assistant. This stand is not an ordinary mobile stand; you can view at the display and speak to your smartphone from anywhere around the room. You can use the mobile phone as a more intelligent alarm clock with complete details and specifications on the weather conditions. Just like a photo frame, you can also double the phone at the time of charging it wirelessly on the dock. 

You can access the Pixel 3 in three colours: white, black, and pink (Google names it 'not pink'). As not you order it in advanced (Pre-order) at the just US $799.

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