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Leased lines: What are they, and should I get one?

When it comes to broadband for your business, you do not lack the options. There are ADSL lines, fiber optic broadband, FTTP, business broadband lines, and leased lines.


What's a leased line?

The leased line is a dedicated broadband connection. Instead of sharing a broadband line with your neighbours, as you would with any other type of broadband, you rented one line for you. They are generally used by companies with high-power broadband needs.

Through a standard subscriber line, the speed and reliability of broadband can fluctuate as other users connect and consume bandwidth. It may also mean slower speeds in general, depending on the containment rate in your area. However, this is not a problem in a leased line, since it is completely yours, the speeds are fixed and safer.

The leased line speeds are available from 10 MB to 10 GB (10,000 MB) and are the same. In other words, download and download speeds are the same and are incredibly useful if you want to upload data, host a website, use a VPN, or allow remote workers to use the servers in your office.

It will also give you a low latency (delay) necessary for things like making video calls and accessing data remotely. In most cases, you will receive 24/7 customer service and priority troubleshooting solutions when things get worse.


Do I need a leased line?

With broadband, the leased line is a very expensive option. We are talking about a few hundred pounds per month and more than 500 to 1500 pounds for installation.

However, if a high-quality broadband connection is very vital to your business, or gives you this additional boost, it is worth every penny.

Consider renting a line if your workplace ...

  • It's a very large office with dozens of people to call.

  • You need to transfer large amounts of data, all the time.

  • Run a great location

  • The needs are guaranteed, reliable Internet for many people, 24/7.

  • It uses a lot of VoIP


Kill numbers and calculate if this is the best option for your company. If not, take a look at the rest of the commercial broadband offerings.

Pros of getting a leased line

  • Can provide positive discharges at lightning speed, with symmetrical load speeds; in fact, BT offers speeds of up to 10 GB.

  • They are not shared with anyone, so the speeds are constant and will not fluctuate.

  • With most leased line packages, you can change your bandwidth whenever you want, which means you can pay less in the quietest months.

  • It is safer and more private than the common line.

  • Ensures you get as fast as you want wherever you are, with some service providers.

  • You will get a service level agreement and priority solutions for failure.

  • Often comes with static IP addresses.


Cons of getting a leased line

  • It is expensive

  • Become more expensive if your workplace is away from the nearest exchange.

  • The installation also takes longer: it can take up to three months, while normal commercial broadband can start working in 15 days.

  • In this note, the leased line must actually be installed, which is a nuisance.

  • In general, the leased line package does not include fixed telephone plans, you must order them separately or receive them as a supplement.


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