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Here's Why Apple Titanium Card will be the most secure credit card.

You must recognize that Apple is very good at taking something that already exists and doing much better than asking yourself why it was not always so. There

By offering an Apple Card, Apple will offer security and privacy to the credit card industry. Since when you ask for something when you buy something, Apple is responsible for the entire process. This will protect us from fraud as well as from ourselves if we lose the card.


You must recognize that Apple is very good at taking something that already exists and doing much better than asking yourself why it was not always so. There's a credit card now, and if Apple Card is the best for you, you've resolved the issues everyone holds.

We have owned credit cards for decades and still commit to contacting the bank if stolen. 

For general use only, we always have to tell or show people the long figure in the foreground and the last three or four numbers on the back.

Apple Card has fixed all of this —although it's chiefly done it by taking the actual card out of the equation as much as possible.

Apple Payment

An Apple Titanium card is available and you will receive it if you signup and it gets approved. However, Apple is doing all it can to get you instead using Apple Card via Apple Pay on your iPhone, Apple Watch or, increasingly, online and on your Mac.

However, no matter how you use your Apple card, Apple's security and privacy are there to protect us. When you buy something, you confirm it's you by the iPhone's Face ID or Touch ID. Or if you're using an Apple Watch, the wrist detection on that knows whether you have or haven't taken off the watch since you last entered your passcode into it.

Whatever device you use, you'll be authenticated using biometrics. Your fingerprint, face, wrist code, and password are required before you can make a purchase on your Apple Card.

Then, as you hold your device over a vendor's card reader, a token will be passed to you instead of your entire credit card number. The seller does not see your credit card number. This is what is already happening with Apple Pay, and given the past, you can see how Apple moved from this to a credit card business without a number.

Physical and Virtual access

There are other banks and credit card companies that offer quick ways to halt or suspend use of their cards, but Apple's got it down to a couple of taps on your iPhone. 

There are a few taps on your iPhone.

This means that a thief who steals a physical card cannot spend your money with the Apple card, you will receive a call alert notification to detect unusual activity. It shows the amount, date, location, both as address and map, and then two buttons. Touch any correct or if there is a problem or then report the and that's it. 

Many Numbers

Without a number on the card, it can be tricky when you order pizza by phone and pizza boy ask one. It's the same when you buy in a web store that does not accept Apple's payment and must provide a number.

While the Apple card is already known to be a credit card without a number, however, the truth is that it has many of them. The number on the magnetic strip on the physical card can be considered as the actual number of your credit card, but the wallet app shows you another virtual number.

While Apple Card is already known for being the credit card without a number, though, the truth is that it has many of them. The number in the magnetic stripe on the physical card might be thought of as your actual credit card number, but the Wallet app will show you a different, virtual number.

If you ever doubt the supplier for any reason, you could also ask an Apple card that will generate a replacement credit card number. This is called the PIN or PAN master account and does not change the encoding in the magnetic stripe number, but it changes your credit card number.


The lines are already blurry between the Apple Card and Apple Pay, but we had Apple Pay for years. There have been many cases of fraud when used. However, in all cases, fraud is not due to Apple Pay, but to the credit card that has been added.

Criminals stole credit cards, so the bank or card company's security was not allowed to handle Apple Pay on an iPhone or another device.

As a result, Apple Pay proved safe, and banks or card companies proved to be a weakness. Now Apple is the bank, effectively, this might make fraud next to impossible.

Nothing is impossible, not really, but an Apple card will be adopted through your iPhone. You can not configure an Apple card without an iPhone and you can not use that iPhone without Face ID or Touch ID.

With Apple Card, Apple now owns the entire process from applying for a card, through setting it up, and then on to every transaction you make with it.

It should be better for Apple, but it is also better and safer for us.

Apple is late to the credit card market, but as it has with everything else it's ever done, it's found the perfect touches that make this a compelling product. And so compelling, so perfect, that you know this is how all credit cards are going to be like in the future.

Though hopefully with greater daily cash percentages and lower interest rates.


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