Agritech startups - Transforming lives of farmers

As per to the government statements nearly 70% of the state’s 1.2 billion population originates from rustic parts in India. With agriculture continues a backbone for India’s rural population it is quite safer to state that over 50 percent of the Indian population is into agriculture for their source of revenue.

With over half a billion folks are now working in the agriculture segment yet, Indian agriculture segment is undergoing from a lot of glitches including the usage of out-of-date equipment, inappropriate substructure, and agriculturalists incapable to access a broad range of markets with ease while making only some amounts of revenues on crop sales. Appropriate infrastructure and supply chain management are more persistent worries.

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In this article, we will come across 15 such Indian agriculture Startups who are responsible for getting invention in the agriculture segment without any specific order.

Agriculture Startups In India to watch out for in 2019

#1  Boheco

Boheco – Bombay Hemp Company was integrated in 2013. It is an Agro-based firm reimagining the prospect of Indian farming system. This agriculture company connects the influence of agriculture by encouraging Industrial Hemp and its great benefits to the world. They help local agriculturalists in nurturing the crop by offering best quality seeds, finest practices in farming practices, and revolutionizing Agro-products.

#2 Crofarm

This started in 2016, Crofarm is altering the technique businesses obtain their crop. They have intention is to provide a supply chain that encourages the planters and offers businesses with the renewed produce in the most effective way. As per to the website, it has more than 10,000 farmers in its system and has amalgamated with Reliance Retail, Grofers, Big Basket, Jubilant Foodworks, Big Bazar and Metro Foods.

#3  Agricx Lab

Agricx offers fast, precise, transferable, and quite easy to use a picture-based quality valuation tool that takes the partisanship out of quality valuation and makes every deal flatter and loss-less. Agricx at present offers the best solution to storerooms and initiative clients with making a plan to develop across the food production supply chain.

#4 Gold Farm

Gold Farm is s best Agri-Tech start-up in Bangalore, India. The firm offers a great mobile app based tractor booking place for agriculturalists in India. They also offer solar water pumps for agriculturalists working in power shortfall areas in India. Gold Farm has braches for offices in Bangalore, Kolar, Hubli, Coimbatore, and Trichy. We have more than 100 employees spread all over the places. The company’s target is to ease the replication of farm income for a million agriculturalists in India by 2022

#5  Agrowave

AgroWave is fundamentally a Supply chain startup in India work as a mobile e-seller of fruits &vegetables that provides small & medium businesses right from agriculturalists. AgroWave is possessed by “DagrowaveAgsciencePvt Ltd and assist Indian agriculturalists in following:

•    Mapping production & demand making use of machine learning

•    Plan to make use of blockchain technology for traceability

•    Making use of AI to map quality with price

#6 Fasal

FASAL, is an agri-tech podium, established by Wolkus Technology Solutions. It is an AI-powered IoT platform for Agriculture network that archives a wide range of rising conditions on the agriculture. It then makes use of artificial intelligence and data science to create on-farm forecasts, rather than conveying the visions anywhere on any device comprising (iOS, Android, Tablet and web)

#7 Airwood

Aibono pioneers the usage of Real-time Intelligence and Agri 4.0 to resolve this stubborn problem with next-generation agri-data science and artificial intelligence. Aibono’s Instantaneous Precision Agriculture Solutions soothes and increases yields by 2x by tracking more than 50 farm variables, and the Predictive Supply Engine controls the Planting-Material and Just-in-time crops to quite match supply and demand, thus doubling price understanding and revenue for the farmer.

#8 CropIn

CropIn Technology is a prominent Agri-tech company that offers SaaS-based solutions to agribusinesses worldwide. CropIn allows its customers to scrutinize and understand data to originate simultaneous tortious visions on standing harvest, therefore allowing businesses to use technology to successfully drive their enterprises around Digitization, Compliance, Sustainability, and Traceability.

#9 EM3 Agri Services

EM3 Agri services is an Agritech startups in India is founded in 2014 by the father son-twosome of Rohtash Mal and Adwitiya Mal. EM3 Agri offers pay-per-use agriculture services for each step of the farming procedure, comprising land development, land preparation, sowing, sowing, planting, crop care, mowing, and post-crop field management. Agriculturalists can right to use their services via a mobile app, and can also look for the support from the company’s local nirvana center or “Samadhan Kendra.”

#10  Intello Labs

Intello Labs is India’s most bestowed AgriTech startup that has industrialized computer insight that is based on solutions that make use of pictures as key data for originating visions and actionable references. The organization is working on the better quality of categorizing of merchandises, pest/disease discovery in crops, harvest guesstimate, etc. throughout the picture-based investigation and AI.

These are all 10 agriculture startup in India to watch out in 2019.

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