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Women's Entrepreneurship Council: A new council for Women Entrepreneurs

In the light of the uprisings and movements to spread awareness about the rights of women in India, another important and rather progressive initiative shall be implemented soon. The women and child development ministry will formulate a Women's Entrepreneurship Council to encourage, support and aid the women businesspersons/ entrepreneurs.

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The initiative is the vision of Maneka Gandhi, the women and child development minister who proposed the development of a body that will empower women in the field of entrepreneurship and career development. The council will be formulated with a similar structure to that of the business association -Confederation of Indian Industry (CII). As per the officials, the Women's Entrepreneurship Council shall develop an environment conducive to the growth of women industrialists/entrepreneurs/businesswomen in India. It will provide mentorship and networking platforms for aspiring entrepreneurs. 

The council shall have some renowned women entrepreneurs as board members to disseminate their experience and knowledge, and guide the women entrepreneurs helping them to raise credit for their new ventures. Additionally, the board will also operate as an advisory council at the national level, whose primary function will be to advise the government on matters associated with women entrepreneurship.

According to a statement by a senior ministry official, the process of the formation of the council is in the process and is almost in its final stages. He also added that the ministry will soon introduce a cabinet note for approval. The main aim and objective of the ministry are to establish a body that will serve as a go-to point for women willing to set up their trade/business and seeking help for it.

This is not the first initiative for women entrepreneurs by the government in India. In the past, Niti Ayog had also formulated and launched a platform named 'Women Entrepreneurs Platform’. Speaking on the formulation of another separate body the officials said that Menaka Gandhi is looking forward to the establishment of a larger body with a massive reach all across the country.

Piyush Minister, finance minister in his interim budget speech focused on the fact that females accounted for 75% of the recipients under the PM Mudra Yojana. Also, the gender budget intended for this fiscal year showed an increase in budgetary allotment of schemes like the MGNREGA (Rs 20,000 crore), National Rural Livelihood Mission-Ajeevika (Rs 4,512 crore), and PM's Employment Generation Programme (Rs 2,327 crore). 

Over the years Indian women have taken the front seat and built their own businesses and developed trade set ups. As per the data obtained from LinkedIn, it shows that there has been a gradual and rather significant rise in the participation of women in leadership roles. Gender inequality is a major issue in the country; women are often offered fewer wages owing to their gender and under such circumstances, it is necessary that such councils/platforms are developed for the future of Indian women and their dreams to make it big in the business world. 

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