The Alibaba’s E-Commerce Expo 2019- Get All The Essential Information

The consumer market is growing with lots of hype. The market is supported by the various social media platform which is quite positively gaining potential. Moreover, the market has been actively participating in multiple events to come to the focus and prime spotlight. One such initiative is the Alibaba E-commerce Expo which is very popular all over the world. Every year this expo is being celebrated with lots of grandness and celebration.

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In this year, 2019, the expo will be arranged at Australia with similar promptness. Such an event aims to bring all the consumers at a single platform, making them easily accessible with the world market.

The E-commerce event is being organized under the Alibaba's Group Flagship event. The event is being held at Australia at Sydney and also in New Zealand. It is an initiative which connects the local brands and small business to a single platform bringing all consumers at one place. They are helping the new start-ups to get more exposure to the new industry and get the focus of the people in many ways.  For the last two years, this expo has been arranged for three times. Every time it has been a great success and brought many new opportunities for the local business and brands.

The Details of the Expo of the year 2019

The Alibaba E-commerce expo will be arranged again in this year 2019. Here are the following aspects of the exhibition:

  • Category of the event: trading and business type.
  • Location: Sydney’s International Convention Centre, Sydney, Australia.
  • Dates: 30th and 31st August 2019.
  • Timing: expected to be 9 am to 6 pm
  • Estimated count of participants: 100 to 500 exhibitors.
  • Entry fees: no entry fees apply. It is free for everyone.
  • Expected visitors based on last year’s survey: 1000 to 5000 visitors.

Still, there are times to book a stall for your business in this very famous expo event.

Why should you be participating in this EXPO?

Participating in this Expo has many advantages. It opens up a lot of opportunities in front of a business future.  Moreover, the growing market of the consumers will help in bringing a more targeted audience to the business. Based on the research of the last three events of such expo, it shows that business is not only limited to locals but getting global spotlight too. Here we have summarized a few of the advantages of the participation in the expo for you in this year:

  1. Brand building and brand awareness can be elevated mainly in the e-commerce market of China.
  2. The marketers also create product awareness among buyers and consumers. It helps the company to reach to the targeted audience very quickly and conveniently.
  3. Get direct access to the worldwide broader Chinese community. And Taobao Global merchandise.
  4. Helps to establish and expand the network of the business and get the support of the China market practitioner, they may include people like the business executives, leading experts of the business experts.
  5. Get the exposure of the media coverage and get the coverage across Australia.
  6. Helps to get the secure the leads and new opportunities for the business to grow.
  7. Get the opportunity of building a new business relationship with new brands and explore new partnership opportunities. This would help in getting the new opportunities to get engaged and involved with new initiatives to broaden the market.
  8. Even get a robust platform from Alibaba and among the ecosystem of the partners of the Alibaba.
  9. New learning opportunities from experts and the Alibaba’s experts and also the leading experts too.

Additional Business needs which are given at the event

Now there are some other ways by which it can be beneficial for you and your business.

  • Get inspirational features like the inspirational talks from experts. They share some of the practical and real-life experience about the business challenges. Based on various case studies, this insight helps you to make new strategies for the new business owners. Also, it would be helpful in setting up a new business too.
  • Various businessman shares their business ideas and different challenges which they faced in establishing the business. All these thoughts and concepts can bring in new strategies for your marketing plan.
  • Interaction with the consumers and buyers make a strong base for the business. All these can help you to get ideas about new improvement and new products that the consumers are expecting from you. Also, you can get aware of the changes that they need to have in the existing products. They are quite helpful ideas for the new business starters.
  • At last, it is a very important point- get motivational speeches which would help the downgoing companies to get the rise. Well, so if you are just made few losses in your company, then also this expo participation is essential the motivational speeches can be a great thing for you to start again from the ground level.

Who can participate?

If you are small business owners and interested in any direct selling consumers in China-based market, then this expo is the right place to come. Even the agribusiness that is dealing with fresh fruits, vegetable, and packaged food items can also actively participate in this event. The travel and hospitality companies also attract Chinese tourists.

So if you are dealing with any such services, then you must be booking a stall for you. It would open up a massive path in the future.

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