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Why Apple Never Participates In CES? (Consumer Electronic Show)

Every year different exhibitions and different programs seem to attract our attention. One very essential event amongst these is the CES. It is an important event that is being held ever since 1967.

Also known as the consumer electronics show, it has managed to garner enormous Applause and love from the people who adore consumer electronics. But if someone carefully notices, then they will find one particular company to miss this event every year.

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This company is none other than that of Apple. Apple has never thought of attending a CES program. Though it receives enough attention from the other electronics companies, yet, Apple has never been kind enough to share the same affection.

But why exactly Apple does this? Before we move on, we should understand a little more about CES.

What is the event all about?

The CES event is held to portray the basic consumer electronics from various companies and promote them! The Consumer Electronics Association organizes the event every year. First held in the year 1967, and in June In New York City, the event was a winner at the very first attempt! Almost 17,500 attendees had been to the show.

It had Bob Galvin, the chairman of Motorola then, as a speaker. The show had more than 100 exhibitors. Ever since then it had managed to get enough love from people all around the world. From the year 1978 to that of 1994 the show started hosting two times every year.

In the winter of 1995, the show was held in the city of Las Vegas. It was an instant and enormous hit. But the summer show did not make it. It did not have enough audience anymore. The pattern continued the next year even.

It is why since 1997 the summer shows were canceled. However ever since then the winter shows or the only shows never disappointed anyone anymore.

CES now!

As already mentioned, CES has managed to gain enough fandom over the years. It is why the biggest and the brightest of the industries make it a point to visit their shows. They even unveil their newest products in the event.

Some of the biggest players in the industries like Samsung, Amazon, Google, Nvidia, LG and many more, make it a point to make it to the event. But Unlike these companies, Apple has never made it to the show.

They do not visit this show no matter what. Everyone must be wondering, what is the reason why Apple does not want to promote their products in such an event! Seeing the Apple CES 2019 advertisement, you can make out that! Well, there are multiple reasons why this happens. We will try and bring forward these reasons to you.

So, why Apple never makes it to CES?

As already mentioned, there may be multiple reasons for this. We will try and list down the most appropriate ones. Following are some of the most important reasons why Apple usually chooses to miss CES:

  • Steve Jobs:

It has always been like this since the beginning. Steve Jobs did not believe in competing with others in an event. He did not like his products being compared to any other on the same platform. He sternly believed that he did not need to compare his products to any other to prove their worth.

This belief of his has always been maintained, no matter whatever the situation is. And it is not like it has stopped his company from progressing! Instead, he did pretty well and successfully turn Apple to a unique and exceptional brand.

  • Apple has its own events:

Every year Apple launches its products. There are many events held for the same. With every product launch media is there to cover their events. They get a whole lot of attention. It has something to do with their goodwill. People all over the world anticipates a new Apple product and want to know eagerly about them.

It is one reason why the media is there to cover all the events even if they do not go to a CES event. Their individual goodwill works for them. It is possibly one interesting reason why they do not go to any CES events.

These 2 are the most interesting reasons why Apple usually chooses to stay away from CES events. After all, it did not ever need the help of CES to prove the worth of their products.

So, will Apple visit CES in 2019?

Just like any other year from the beginning, Apple has managed to maintain its distance from CES even this year! It has proved for how many years that it did not need support from any third-party event! And the Consumer Electronics Show 2019 is going to be no different for them!

Rather, Apple has made it a point to show its dominance over the event. The Apple CES 2019 AD says it all. This advertisement proves how confident Apple is. It has displayed an advertisement against a hotel right in front of the one where the CES event is going to be organized.

It says, “What happens on your iPhone, stays on your iPhone" and it also has an URL to their private website.

So, will Apple attend the CES in the future?

Apple has just sparked off a controversy with their Apple advertisement at CES, 2019. This fire is not going to extinguish anytime soon. Apple will hardly visit CES anytime in the future just like any other year. Or so we can make out of the context up till now!

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