Consumer Electronic Market Size 2019

Consumer electronics market refers to the e-commerce market which states to the online sale of the consumer electronics goods like mobile, laptops, watches, cameras, TV sets, music system, stereo system and many more.


People are getting more engaged with the consumer electronics markets with the days. In this year 2019, the market is expecting few rises in the demand graph too.  Also it the financial profit that this market is being seen will be expected to change a lot. Overall, 2019 will be bringing a huge positive impact in this market revenue.

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Facts about the electronic consumer market

Check out the few facts about the consumer electronics technology 2019.

  1. Some of the in-scope electronic items this year are:
  • Consumers elec1tronics
  • Communication electronics
  • Electronic devices
  • Accessories

Whereas, the household electronic appliances are expected to be out-of-the demand.

  1.  The revenue will be amounting to US $331,405m in this New Year 2019.
  2. The annual growth rate is nearly 6.7% of the total revenue.
  3. When compared globally. Highest revenue is being generated at chine which amounts up to US$ 31,078m

So it is clear from the above facts that the market is growing too fast and so is the demand too.

Have a view of some products getting high sales

Here are some of the products which are the highest demand among the consumers.

1.LCD TV set:

This thing is still having the same popularity. And it is increasing with the newly added technologies to this electronic item. The manufacturers are launching the ultra HD TVs with more prominence of color pixels. People often are seen checking out the sports or the favorite TV shows on their smartphones or tablets. But that does not even decrease the demand in the TV sets sales percentage. The survey shows that a huge growth of 11% will be seen due the year 2023. It has been first in the list of the consumer market trend 2019.

So if you have been still using the old TV set, then it is high time you should consider the new ultra HD TV. They have so many things which make your home a smart home.


This particular device is getting bigger and bigger, and people are accepting it. Yes the bigger the Smartphone, more people prefer it. Smartphone whose screen size is more than 5.5inch are mostly preferred in countries like Russia, China, and Vietnam. This particular device is making a prominent presence in people’s life. Soon it would be permanently taking the place of the laptop and computer.

Even the new technological updates are making people happier and they are happy with what the manufacturers are launching for them.

3.Activity watch

Whether you are a health concern individual or a fashionista, activity watch is now suitable for anyone. The latest trend is having for these watches. The tech world is bringing a new device which is supporting the people’s need. An activity watch can help you get everything that you want. How many steps you are walking or the number of calories you are burning, your heartbeat, the pulse rate- everything. Well, it is supporting your health and keeping you healthy always.

And the appearance of the watch is so attractive that even people who do not require it has them on their wrist. If you wish to be with the consumer market trend, then it is a must product.

Have you got such a watch on your wrist too?

4.Smart wearable

Besides the activity watches, these are also in a separate list to fulfill the dreams of the people. they mainly include the personal electronic items needed on daily basis. These kinds of products are being produced nearly to 80 million units and the revenue earned touch the peak by 2023. More and number of consumers is embracing these internets of things. We cannot neglect it when we mention the electronic consumer market. The market is having a considerable space dominated by these products.


When smartphone is dominating the market, the laptop has not lost its strong base. With the iPad many thoughts that it is the last era of the laptops. But that proved to be wrong. The market showed that consumers are still sticking to the laptop for many of their tasks.

To hold the strong market, the manufacturers are launching new convertible laptop to encourage more sales in upcoming years. the graph projected that the sale was nearly 18% in the last year that is 2018. But it would be rising up to 36% by the year 2023.

6.Wireless speakers

Yes, it got a huge hike in the electronic market. In the new tech market, it has been combined with the artificial intelligence capability. This has given a boost to the company’s revenue. It has been seen that among eight buyers of a smartphone, one is buying the wireless speakers along with it. So it is not a very negligible number and should be considered for positive growth.

They are really a very useful device finds to be useful.

7.Digital cameras

Suddenly it got a hike in the electronic consumer market. A few years back, the market of the camera had got down when the mobile phones were having the Camera of higher pixels. But gradually when the camera got combines with the new technologies; it got new market value. Again they got their market back and most of the people now prefer it.


Well, so we have covered some of the most discussed products of the electronic consumers market. In 2019 we expect to have a huge hike in the revenue of the market. Let’s now watch for few more new launches.

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