IKEA Invites 20 Start-Ups For Bootcamp 2019 To Share & Co-Create Ideas

IKEA is a well-known name in the world of home furnishings. The company has more than 424 stores across the globe. Whenever we utter the word “ready to assemble furniture”, just one company clicks in our minds – the IKEA. From ready-to-assemble furniture to kitchen appliances and also home accessories, IKEA is everywhere to serve the needs for home furnishings.

The word “IKEA” is an acronym. The acronym consists of initials of IKEA founder Ingvar (I) Kamprad (K) and the farm is where the founder grew up, Elmtaryd (E), and lastly, the name of the hometown of founded, Agunnaryd (A).

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IKEA is a company of repute in selling furniture and appliances with the modernist looks and designs.  IKEA home furnishings are popular among people for many qualities, and affordability, simplicity, durability, and eco-friendliness are the qualities to signify. 

What is IKEA Bootcamp?

IKEA has started an initiative from the year 2017 to re-create new ideas and engage more start-ups with the business. The IKEA start-up is known as IKEA Bootcamp. The program was launched in the year 2017 with the alliance with Denmark-based Rainmaking Firm. In the IKEA Bootcamp 2017, IKEA invited 10 start-ups to participate in the program. IKEA  and Rainmaing worked for hands in hand with the 10 startups to accelerate the business and re-create ideas.

Next IKEA Bootcamp in 2019

IKEA has announced the second IKEA Bootcamp program and is inviting 20 growth start-ups across the globe to work together. Being an Indian it is a pride to share that India is also invited in the IKEA Bootcamp program 2019. Sweden is going to participate in the Bootcamp too.

Reason Behind 2019 IKEA Bootcamp

IKEA is going to arrange IKEA Bootcamp 2019 to meet their primary 3 challenges – to make the IKEA products more affordable to people over the world, to connect and to reach easily more and more people worldwide and to create a more positive impact on the people, society and on the planet. The growing startups who will match any of the objectives or more than one objects addressing by IKEA will get chance to the program.

Date & Duration of IKEA Bootcamp 2019

IKEA Bootcamp 2019 will continue for three months, from 25th March 2019 to 18th June 2019.  The Bootcamp will collaborate between IKEA Range and Supply. The main focus of the Bootcamp program will be on the transformation of retail for the coming years along with the development of product and supply chain.

Start-ups will be selected in the program get chance to develop their businesses with the knowledge of Rainmaking firm. The selected start-ups will have the scope to share Rainmaking’s experience to achieve their goals in the future rapidly under the guidance of accelerators. They will also get to come across the vision and values of IKEA during the IKEA Bootcamp program in 2019.

Eligibility & Last Date to Apply for the IKEA Bootcamp Program

All the start-ups that are in growth stage and offer the market-tested solution to customers like IKEA and address one or more challenges like IKEA can apply for participation.

Willing participants are requested to visit https://ikeabootcamp.rainmaking.io/ to send applications. The last date of application is 31st December 2018. On 26th of February 2019 selections of applications will be taken place.

Opportunities via IKEA Bootcamp 2019 for Start-Ups

Start-Ups who will get selected in the Bootcamp program will be endowed with different facilities. They will either receive partnership with IKEA or IKEA will invest in their projects. The start-ups also get chance to access into the resources, channels and retail sector for IKEA. Even, IKEA will offer strategic support to the start-ups along with space office, financial help, and accommodation for the purpose of on-site events in Almhult.

IKEA Bootcamp program 2019 will take place for 3 month and it will be packed with actions for start-ups that going to be selected. Not only selected start-ups will take part in the program but also they will manage their routine business with the help of IKEA collaboration. After the Bootcamp, they will get the chance to explore their business from the collaboration of IKEA and its more than 400 stores in major 50 markets across the world.

The growing start-ups who will be selected will get full opportunity to dedicate in the Bootcamp program for consecutive three months (25th March to 18th June, 2019).

The start-ups will present the future steps and progress report on their Demo Day or “Big Finale” addressing the three main challenges of IKEA.  Demo Day will be the final day of IKEA Bootcamp 2019, it is better to call the conclusion day.  

Connection Between IKEA & India

IKEA has begun its construction in India on 11th August in 2016 in Hyderabad. In the year 2018 on 9th August, the store has been opened. IKEA has purchased 610000 sq ft plot in Bangaluru and it will be the biggest store in the Asia.

Near 15000 people are working under IKEA umbrella from India and IKEA is thinking to increase the employment 10 folds than earlier.

IKEA has a plan to open more stores in various cities in India by next few years. Moreover, the company thinks to sell near 30% products at IKEA’s stores in India in near future.

One more important thing to cover is, Inc42 Media is the platform where it is disclosed that IKEA is inviting growth stage start-ups for IKEA Bootcamp Program 2019. 

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