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Jio May Top India's Mobile Phone Market by 2021: Bernstein

Jio is one of the most renowned mobile operators in India in today’s time. Owned by the Reliance Group of companies, it has made itself a place and a name that is hard to compete with.

According to the recent reports, it is so believed that by 2021, Jio will become the most used mobile operator brands. Therefore the revenue of the same will be the highest. This report was made by Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. where the analysts Chris Lane and Samuel Chen had worked hard to prove their point.

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In their own words they describe the reason for the dominance of Jio by the year of 2021 in the market of India. According to them the competitors whoa are for now Bharti Airtel and Vodafone do not have enough guts to fight against the humongous free services provided by Jio.

So What does the Report say?

Actually, many a things! The report says many things altogether. But we will highlight some of the major points that the report has actually brought out in front of the people. These are:

  • The very first thing that Jiohas done is that it has launched a call service that is completely free for a lifetime. Now if this is not a deal then we don’t know what is! This actually created a mess in the market of the mobile operators the last year. Nevertheless, the competitors tried charging less for their services, but Jio had already created an impact that is unbeatable by then.
  • Jio had created its base in 2016. It started offering its services for free completely. It had immediately acquired a place of 2nd largest telecommunications network. Right after that of China. In the year of 2018, it has almost 277 million people using the services. And all this despite the fact that it had started charging since the year of 2017.
  • Right after Jio came into existence the smaller competitors almost vanished from the market. They had either merged to become a company like that of the Idea and Vodafone, that is currently at the number one position in India. Apart from that, there were companies that have become absolutely bankrupt. The second position is acquired by Bharti Airtel now and lastly Jio has a huge number of people added to it and is still in the process.

The Future Forecast:

According to Bernstein, it is quite evident that Jio is going to get through with the topmost position by the year of 2021. And it is because of many reasons. It is actually going to keep on providing these phones at a refundable deposit policy.

It is also said that the competitors are going to gain on revenue this year because they are not going to deal with the contracts that are proving to be loss making to them.

The Reasons why JIO is going to work:

Now lets talk facts. What are the main reasons why Jio has worked and why will it work in the near future too? Following are certain necessary reasons why:

  • The free services:

The main reason why Jio garnered such an attention because of the fact that the free services were something the Indians were not habituated of. Till then they were habituated of paying exorbitant prices on the demand of the mobile network companies. And let us tell you that it was quite frustrating too.

  • The one documentation process:

This is definitely another of the major reasons why the people focussed on Jio. The mobile operator definitely managed to garner the attention with the hassle free process of getting a SIM card. This is an experience that they had not experienced before. This made things much easy for them.

  • Internet in abundance:

Honestly, before 2016, internet with a 3G speed was a luxury to the people. After 2016, it became available to all and that too in abundance. Also, it was no more 3G, but it was a 4G connection too. So why will people jump for it within just a few days of time? And they did choose it for the very same reason. The free 4G internet made things really easy for all.

  • Demonetization:

Believe or not, this had a great role to play. Even till now around 5% of the Indian population is under poverty and with demonetization, things were almost digital or the transactions that way was far better. But the other services were expensive and the cost to the SIM also seemed great. With Jio there were no changes to be worried of.

These are definitely some of the major reasons why Jio gained all the necessary attention and love that it could. And this will continue because they has kept up with their promise of reasonable price structure and various other services as well.

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