Amazon India's online sales event for SMEs

With the aim to promote small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) and micro entrepreneurs in India, Amazon conducted a shopping event by the name of ‘Small Business Day.’ The globally renowned e-commerce company, Amazon hosted  the event on 16th December.

Amazon India released a statement stating "Through this event, we plan to promote small businesses and micro entrepreneurs and persuade shoppers to discover and buy products directly offered by them."

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The mega sale started from the midnight of December 16 witnessed thousands of small retailers participating in the event. It opened doors for them into an unexplored dimension of healthy buying of products.

The company claims it to be a unique event which shall have a positive impact for the small businessmen. But they haven’t yet declared the exact details of the number of sellers participated in the event.

The company also added in its statement that the products of the different small sellers were showcased at a defined space and the customers bought the products along with availing various cash backs and discounts. This encouraged people to buy products from these small sellers, thereby promoting the agenda of the event.

"The event will assist customers in purchasing products from micro entrepreneurs and thus support local employment," the statement added. 

Gopal Pillai , Director of Amazon India Seller Services said in his statement that  "This initiative will bring small and micro sellers and customers together to boost India's local economy."

It was only a one day sale, initiatives like these have a profound impact on the moral boost of small entrepreneurs when they are given a chance to collaborate with a global entity like Amazon.

The event brought in a wave of positivity and paved a way for the small entrepreneurs to earn their profits in the world where competition is tough and online media has taken over the primitive sales practices.

Many of the small retailers benefited from it and would aim at using and promoting the same trend of using online platforms for promoting their sales in future.

India is moving and accepting the e-commerce industry practices at a very fast pace and by 2020 the entire picture is bound to change and hence this initiative shall open new avenues for the small entrepreneurs and retailers.

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