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Digital Life Certificate (DLC) – Jeevan Pramaan

Jeevan Pramaan involves as a biometric empowered Aadhaar-based Digital Life Certificate. This Digital Life Certificate will be produced for each retiree by maki

A pension is the most vital source of earnings after retirement for various people of India. Senior citizens in India are now enjoying the pension that should submit a certificate that is named as Life certificate per year to the Pension Disbursing Authorities (PDAs), hence that Retiree keeps getting their pension. 

Jeevan Pramaan involves as a biometric empowered Aadhaar-based Digital Life Certificate. This Digital Life Certificate will be produced for each retiree by making use of his/her Aadhaar number and Biometrics to update pension payout. In this post, we explore Digital Life Certificate in a proper detailed info.

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Life Certificate

Life certificate or certificate of presence is a credential that is contracted by a responsible individual to promise that Retired person is still alive to obtain the retirement pension. Government and pension distributing organizations must have to check occasionally that Retiree has not died in order to evade overpaying pensions and allowances.

Jeevan Pramaan

Digital Life certificate or Jeevan Pramaan scheme was introduced by Honorable Prime Minister Shri. NarendraModi on 10th Nov 2014. Generally, all Retired persons in India are required to submit a Life certificate to Pension Disbursing Authority in November month of each year. Moreover, in some circumstances, the retiree he or she has to be present individually for getting the retirement fund.

The obligation to create life certificate by physical presence has caused massive adversity, mainly to the old retired persons. Jeevan Pramaan is removing such needs by digitizing the entire procedure. Jeevan Pramaan scheme allows the retired person to produce a digital life certificate using a software application and safe Aadhaar based Biometric Authentication System. The Digital Life Certificate created through online in Jeevan Pramaan website. Retiree & Pension Disbursing Agencies can easily able to access the life digital certificate online whenever you like to approve the presence of the retiree.

Advantages of Digital Life Certificate (DLC):

DLC can be created from anyplace with home (Only if the Windows/Android-based device is getting an Internet and STQC certified Biometric device linked to it is available).

•    Auto SMS facility to pensioners regarding DLC.

•    Auto transfer of DLC to the Pension Disbursing Agency.

•    Sending SMS by Pension Disbursing Agency after processing DLC.

•    The obligation for Digital Life Certificate Generation   

Vital things for creating Digital Life certificate are as follows:

•    Aadhaar number

•    Mobile number

•    Aadhaar number should register with PDA ( bank or Post Office etc)

•    Biometric device   

•    PC with Windows 7.0 & above Android Mobile/Tablet 4.0 & above

•    Internet Connectivity

How to Generate Digital Life Certificate?

A retired person can create digital life certificate either by themselves or by going to the adjoining centers having a facility for digital services including CSC, Government Offices & Banks.

Jeevan Pramaan scheme- Exterior website that opens in a novel window search for to ease the verification of retired person so that they do not have to look from one office to another to receive their retirement pension. The concept is to make the entire process straightforward for retired government staffs. It makes use of the Aadhaar platform for biometric authentication of the retired person. A successful verification creates the Digital Life Certificate- External website that opens in a novel window which also gets kept in the Life Certificate Repository. The Pension Disbursing Agencies can at this time access the certificate through online.

Technology has the whole things very easier and now it is quite simple to offer crucial services easily to citizens. This innovative advantage sets highlighting on the usage of technology to offers the best services to the retired government servants at their accesses.

It is too easy to download the Jeevan Pramaan Windows & Android client software- External website that opens in a new window. The client software will assist to provide a registration for a life certificate, for verification it will make use of the Aadhaar Biometric authentication platform.

To just begin the download- External website that opens in a new window give your e-mail in the form, the download link will be easily done available after submitting your email address. The client software is projected to be utilized only for Pensioner's life certificate registration; use of the application for any other determination is forbidden. The client software will need a biometric fingerprint/ iris scanner device. In case you want to support you should contact the help desk.

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