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Microsoft CEO SatyaNadella emphasises on the company’s outreach to gamers and Gaming Industry. Says that company is planning to invest heavily in the particular segment.

 These aggressive expansion strides clearly indicate the company's focus to aim for a leadership position in the gaming industry especially through the sub

The world’s largest tech and application giant, Microsoft had made its intentions clear off-late when it went on an acquisition spree of well-known gaming development companies like Xile Entertainment, Playground, and Obsidian Entertainment. 

 These aggressive expansion strides clearly indicate the company's focus to aim for a leadership position in the gaming industry especially through the subscription-based model of Xbox Game pass gaming and similar services. The move is being termed as an expansion drive which is unprecedented in Microsoft's traditional way of organic growth-oriented approach.  It is evident to a major change in strategy and portends a lot for the application industry in the coming days.

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Investment in Cloud

In his press release statement Nadella has said that Microsoft will be investing heavily in cloud services, content and community through endpoint devices, thereby creating a permanent bridge with users for the regular usage of these applications and utilities. This seems to make it a daily usage pack just like MS-Office suite.

The NPD group which tallies the games and console sales have responded positively to this move. Subsequent to the Microsoft take over, the group has performed "phenomenally well "  through XBOX, ONE X. This is as per the NBD analyst Max Piscatella.

Emphasis on User Experience

CEO Nadella has said that end-user deepening engagement will be with a special focus on the 57 million monthly users of XBOX Live. Keeping this in mind the company has added 7 new gaming studios. The objective is to give a big-time fillip to first-party content to fast-growing gaming services like Xbox Game Pass subscription service and the other well-known game of Mixer.

As per sources quoted by WCCFtech, Nadella spoke on the company’s vision and plans to have an aggressive footprint in content and cloud services in gaming through some heavy investment. Nadella is keen on pursuing opportunities right from the way games are created and distributed with an expansion viewpoint. According to, this interest to make big-time forays into the gaming sector was made in Microsoft's shareholders' meeting. The reason was Microsoft own revenue through gaming crossing the ten billion dollars mark.

The report also quoted another Microsoft representative who said that the Company has an incredible combo of games for people of all ages but at the same time they want to discover new games and make it easy to use and easy to play both on the normal PC or the XBOX.


However, to become the market leader and have a long-term cutting edge advantage, Microsoft needs to have the most powerful console in the world for every generation. This is expected to materialize through the much vaulted "XBOX Scarlet" which will give the desired advantage. However, more details about the same product can be expected only in E3 2019. 

It has to be noted that under Nadella, Microsoft has dropped its traditional way of doing business and has forged ahead with aggressive acquisition strategies. Another notabletakeover this year was that of Github, the free platform source code.

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