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Cure.Fit to Strengthen Mental Wellness Biz by Acquiring Seraniti

  Mind.Fit is the now committed mental wellness vertical offer online and offline yoga, meditation and treatment services. After the acquisition, Seraniti c

Bengaluru-based Fitness Company that is Cure.Fit has obtained a complete psychological fitness platform Seraniti for an unnamed amount to include to its mental wellness vertical called as Mind.Fit.


Mind.Fit is the now committed mental wellness vertical offer online and offline yoga, meditation and treatment services. After the acquisition, Seraniti clinics at Bengaluru and Pune have rebranded under the Cure. Fit banner as Mind.Fit.

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Cure.Fit is going to aboard Seraniti’s squad of 15 analysts and its 8,000 customers. It is checked by 15 therapists, Seraniti at present starts more than 500 active meetings a month in both its Bengaluru and Pune hubs. With such acquisition, Cure.Fit has over 70 centers under Mind.Fit.

The firm is established in 2016 by DrShyamBhat, Bengaluru-based Seraniti leverages technology to offer a comprehensive empathic, successful counseling, and psychoanalysis services. Dr. ShyamBhat has already involved working as a mental wellness professional for Cure. Fit.

Cure.Fit has been a stockholder in Seraniti ever since 2016. “We have faith in the achievement is a win-win for all our customers, as it will progress accessibility (eight extra places and video assemblies), offer a vigorous digital platform and make sure effective therapy by the top of psychotherapists and psychiatrists,” Seraniti told on its website.

It added all its psychological healthcare processes were obtained by and rebranded to is going to start November 1.

The MukeshBansal and AnkitNagori-directed firm have supposedly repaid the angel stakeholders who had capitalized in Seraniti for the procurement.

Mind.Fit titles to be India’s major Yoga Chain with an association of about 11,000, leading 160 classes/day across its over 70 centers. Seraniti is Cure.Fit’s next procurement for the Mind.Fit vertical after the incorporation of a1000 yoga in 2017.

AnkitNagori, co-founder,, told, “Psychological fitness is one of the essential mainstays of the model. The accumulation of Seraniti is an imperative landmark as it strengthens the Mind.Fit portfolio and enables us to augment awareness and access to excellence precautionary and healing psychological health management to our developing client foundation. As our products are created to work cohesively for versatile health, our consumers are shoved to integrate the same methodology as a part of their health regime.”

The Cure.Fit platform assimilates mental fitness (Cult.Fit), physical wellness (Mind.Fit), nutrient food (Eat.Fit), and its up-to-date offering — a major precaution and diagnostics vertical named Care.Fit.

In an acquisition to expand, Cure.Fit has obtained to an acquisition-directed approach, purchasing startups such as Tribe Fitness, Seraniti, Kristys Kitchen and a1000yoga. In August 2017, Cure.Fit also contracted on HrithikRoshan as its brand ambassador.

Cure.Fit is backed by marquee investors such as Accel Partners, IDG, Kalaari, Ratan Tata, and UC RNT.

Mental Wellbeing: Startups Start The Onus To Address Taboos

Psychological sickness has long been more of an unseen sickness. “I will not ever comprehend why every structure in your body obtain a proper and strong support and compassion when it is sick actually, apart from for your brain,” as it is correctly told.

Within the Indian startup network deals with the high pitches and becomes an evidence to stockholder consideration as well as invention, the startups have also adopted a charge to get an alteration to this disgrace and persuade a better vision and assist for those in the necessity of psychological support and leadership.

In the fast-walked existence, altering relationship changing aspects all over personal and professional lifestyle, assignment and anxiety, psychological wellness concerns have commenced to show and find the much-rated consideration.

Among those who are allowing psychological fitness and support the segment are Innerhealth, which is fetching treatment and discussion through online platforms such as web and video chats and phone calls; YOURDost, an emotional wellness platform that links persons in requisite with professionals such as psychologists, life coaches, and psychiatrists;  Wysa, an AI-enabled psychological health chatbot; Trijog,  a social initiative in the psychological health space amongst others.

With the latest technology and digital media making psychological health care as omnipresent and nearby as the internet itself, players such as Mind. Fit and Seraniti approaching together is a vast step forward to assist the division and development for knowing psychological wellness.

However has been ascending its wellness chain Cult and food business speedily, with yearly profits, run rate of 200 crores and 100 crores separately, its business has developed at a gentler pace, at a yearly rate of 25 crores. Nagori assumes this will grasp 100 crores by coming year.

It recently raised a round of $120 million, bringing its total funding to $170 million. Nagori said the capital was being used for expansion, with a launch in Dubai likely next year, as well as hiring and branding.

The company is set to achieve revenue of $50 million this year and $100 million in the next few quarters, Nagori said.

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