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BookMyBai: Mumbai Startup Raises funding from Japanese Investor

BookMyBai had made a great plan to make use of the finance to enlarge their services in Hyderabad and Delhi.

It is also looking to helping had to enhance its market share in the metropolises where it is presently operating.

The startup is also planning to take off a bilingual app to assist workforces to find work effortlessly.

Mumbai-based domestic assist provider startup BookMyBai has elevated a hidden amount in pre-series. A finance round directed by Japan-based social scheme finance ARUN Seed. Other Japanese seraph stockholders had also partaken in this round.

The best plans to make use of the fresh finance to always assist and boost its market share in the current cities, and also to develop their topographical grasp in Hyderabad and Delhi.

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As per to media reports, co-founder Anupam Sinhal specified that the startup is also planning to takeoff multilingual app to assist the workers' exploration for a job immediately.

This up-to-date finance approaches after the startup augmented $135.7K (INR 1 Cr) in November 2015 from a Hyderabad-based investment company 50K Schemes.

BookMyBai: Trip Up to now

Bookmybai was established in 2015 by AnupamSinghal, VikashChowdhury. The platform operates as an aggregator for national maid agencies where customers can already choose internal assistance like babysitters, cook, senior citizen, housemaids.

The customers can also loom for and choose for domestic support after revising their profile and can also check their verified meetings.

Presently, the startup offers its full ranges of services in Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru, Kolkata, and Ahmedabad.

As per to the official website, the platform includes a record of 50K maids who have been listed after document confirmation.

In addition, the users might select to recompense only after the assistance has been chosen. Replacement of the assist all through any kind of complications also exists.

The major companies in this place are startups such as MyDidi, MrRight, MyChores, Helper4u, amongst several others.

Startups are now working in this place that is not only co-operative for the customers to find their domestic assistance online more straightforwardly and professionally, however,, in the long run, these startups also assist the workforces, particularly the women from the sidelined community to assist their families and become self-governing.

Startups such as Bookmybai have been now building a providing social influence with the help of various workforces to find a job and survive their livings.

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