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Property mapping via drones to boost transparency: Realty experts

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From December onwards the landscape of the real estate sector is set to change with India's new drone regulations. As per industry experts, the 3-D mapping of properties will be a powerful tool for marketing and will also improve transparency and accountability. 


You Might Also Like to Read Flying drones to be legal in India from 1st December

Under the recently announced DGCA norms, it is now legal to use drones for commercial purposes. It has been made legal from December 1. 

But according to the rules for commercial use of drones (unmanned aircraft) unveiled by Suresh Prabhu, Civil Aviation Minister, delivery of payload, including food items, would not be allowed as of now.

As per a survey by PwC, the use of drones makes it easier to draw 3-dimensional maps of buildings. It is impactful in providing details such a built-up area and number of floors. Hence the use of drones for the purpose of property mapping is becoming famous these days.

Prabhu further added that the 3D mapping is helping to form a more accurate documentation of the properties in the cities. This is helpful in bringing in more accountability and transparency.

According to Anaisha Cooper, Director, Spenta Corporation the use of drones will help in developing a flawless communication in each level of construction adding to the efficiency of drones. Drones can provide a progress chart which will help in the process further.

According to the policy, initially, drones will be allowed to work only within sight and during the day, with a maximum altitude of 400 ft. Those drones that fall under the nano category and are smaller in size weighing less than 250 gm and working below 50 ft will not need registration. This exemption is also applicable to those falling under the micro category i.e. those weighing between 250 gm and 2 kg and operating below 200 ft.

Promoting this concept COO Ashish Shah, Radius Developers said that the use of nano drones will open gates to opportunities that will enhance the customer’s experience of purchasing a new home. 

Drone photography/video enables the developers to showcase the horizon of a project and create actual views from higher storeys. 

It also enables the comparison between the original plans and the ongoing construction work through the data collected using drones. It can also be used to show customers the progress work at a site. This amazing technology can also be helpful in managing resources by monitoring the different phases of an under- construction building.

As per the regulations, the use of drones will not be permitted in certain no-fly zones such as airports, state secretariat complexes and military installations. 

Drone imaging and videos will be an effective marketing tool for developers.

Drone video footage can be really interesting to watch and will attract the attention of a lot of customers.  It provides dramatic views of the entire property, which makes it more effective. These will the developers to get people's attention and get them to spend more time looking at the property. 

Ruparel Realty, MD Amit Ruparel said that aerial views of the property both in terms of videography and photography will be an impactful way to showcase a property effectively.  This will give it a larger than life perspective.

 Property portals are also planning to incorporate this new technology. These portals currently play a key role in the marketing of properties on a digital platform and hence to keep up, they must adapt the change.

Highlighting the importance of drone technology, Amit Kumar Agarwal, CEO & Co-Founder at NoBroker said that as a company it is necessary we keep upgrading ourselves and drone images will provide customers with a sense of what kind of view they will enjoy from their future homes. This will enhance the customer experience. We are also looking forward to creating links on which customers can view the drone images or videos.

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