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The Most Expensive Cities Around The World For Real Estate

Those who are crazy about making properties are continually shuffling places looking out the prime real estate as an investment to reap benefits in future or to live in style in an advanced city. From New York to Tokyo, Vienna to Mumbai property prices is skyrocketing.

The most expensive cities around the World can be listed accordingly and be a good source of investment.

Monte Carlo - Monaco

When it comes to being number one on the list, no one can beat Monaco as the hot destination for investment in real estate. It is one of the beautiful but serene locations in Europe with the average price of $ 53,226 per square meter of any property. It is a right place for investment as the country in Tax-free regardless of your nationality. Only French nationals are required to pay tax in Monaco. Monte Carlo is the most expensive area of this small independent country.

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London, the Capital of the United Kingdom, is growing fast and has become one of the discussed and invested cities in the World concerning real estate. With some of the luxurious properties in and around London, per square meter price of any property begins from $ 20,500. The relaxed taxation rules had made it a favorable destination for the investors.

Hong Kong

The booming economic Asian market has made Hong Kong one of the most sought-after destinations for investments in real estate. The island region is rapidly transferring as the hub for wealthy individuals to buy property. Per square meter cost of a real estate is around $ 19,500 and it is increasing further day by day. It gives tax relief too to the investors.


France is not only famous for wine and dines along with the world famous perfumes but the capital Paris is one of the most hunted destinations for the wealthy to invest and buy properties. The fashion capital has a per square meter rate of $ 18,100. Though the taxes are bit high, yet it is very prestigious for the niche class to own a property in Paris.


One of the busiest tourist hub and often considered as the city that never sleeps, Singapore has made it to the elite list of investment destination in the real estate sector by the wealthy class. The property prices are surging up regularly at it is around $ 16,750 per square meter. One has to pay the required tax to buy any property in Singapore.

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The second most populated city in Switzerland, Geneva has the most beautiful scenic locations and widely accepted by the rich of the World as a destination to invest in real estate. Price of per square meter of the property is around $ 15,500, and it is continuously rising.

Apart from these cities, there are many more destinations that are sought after by the wealthy niche class of people to invest and have a proud feeling of investing and owning.

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