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The Top 4 Reasons Due To Which Twitter’s Stock Is Back In Favor!

Twitter’s back in the game! Are you a social media person? This is the best article you will read in your entire day then! The twitter stock was in a decline for a long time since the year 2013, 7th November when it fell from 44.9 dollars to 4 dollars in May of 2016.

Do you believe in miracles? Well, one miracle definitely happened on Friday afternoon, when the stock was again back in 41 dollars. This sudden change of stock wasn’t foreseen by many. If you are wondering what’s the reasons why Twitter's stock is back in favor again here are 4 reasons to satisfy your curiosity.

According To The Quarterly Results, There Is An Inflection In The Fundamentals

Profit for twitter! Finally! There was a fourth-quarter profit as reported by Twitter on a GAAP basis which is the first ever profit made by them after its loss 1 year ago. The results o the first quarter of this year show that this turnaround was really not a blip as there was un forecasted provide once again. It is going to be really profitable for stockholders in the year 2018 as this social media platform is suddenly back on track.

Content Partnership As Well As Momentum In The Metrics

Oops, there’s nothing worse than a stagnant user growth! The user growth of twitter on a monthly basis was stagnating at 4%. So twitter did things to improve user metrics, as well as the ad revenue growth, can be improved.

 Guess what? You can type more now! Yes, character limitation got increased from 140 to 280 and this is going to affect the users positively. Twitter is also making content tie-ups and partnerships with various corporations such as Bloomberg media, ESPN, etc.

The Data Scandal On Facebook? More Like A Blessing For Twitter

Facebook had a major setback earlier this year when it was revealed that there was a data scandal which included 87 million profiles. So people boycotted facebook and many shifted to Twitter. Hard luck for Facebook users. But hey Twitter benefitted from this. Not surprising eh? The drop in figures for facebook ultimately became beneficial for Twitter as more people and advertisers switched to Twitter. This is one of the main reasons why twitters stock is back in favor.

Twitter Added S & P 500 Elite Index

Wondering what this means? Well, Twitter included a standard and poor index and the S & P 500 index became available since 7th of June. One of the positive advantages is the inclusion of stock in an index. This helped Twitter to bring the stock back in their favor.

Thus these are the 4 reasons why the stock of Twitter is up again. Your favorite social media platform is back on track, that too with more space to type. Happy, are you? We are too! So let's not wait anymore and start tweeting our hearts out again!

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