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Here’s The World’s Most Powerful Gaming Laptop

With the advancement of technology do you ever wondered what more the users are expecting in this ground of gaming laptops? Users are definitely looking for hig

Gaming laptops are in great demand these days. Isn’t it? People thriving in loneliness and solitude has adopted the gaming laptops in their life as a companion and on such terms, gaming laptops are frequently wanted by the majority especially those who are addicted or are the hardcore fans of video games. 

With the advancement of technology do you ever wondered what more the users are expecting in this ground of gaming laptops? Users are definitely looking for high tech portal gaming laptops with a tremendous graphics system with high picture quality. Perfectionists in this ground are now looking for the world’s most powerful gaming laptop to take this gaming habit to a more serious level. Aren’t you curious to know what is it? Well, then this is the exact place to know.

The Most Powerful Gaming Laptop in the World       

Asus launches the ultimate powerful gaming laptop of the world ROG GX800. This laptop comes with a price tag. It is of 7, 97,990 rupees which are only available on special request by the customers. This is a special powerful gaming laptop is launched in New Delhi of India. Crazy enough to be curious about the minute details regarding this laptop? simply visit the company’s website of India that is Asus Company’s website. This laptop was originally launched by the technology of the Taiwanese company in the year 2016 of November.

What makes it so powerful?

This gaming laptop is easily portable and has the tremendous ability to handle VR applications such as HTC vive and Oculus Rift which can conveniently transform to a different higher level from the experienced one. Need more advancements? This laptop specifically offers the specs which are completely latest with a hardware enabling the capacity of displaying higher resolution picture quality with a fluent and smooth gameplay. High-resolution games such as GTA 5, Battlefront 2 of the Star Wars and the War shadow of Middle Earth can be played with best graphics quality avoiding any hiccups in the rigs that are delivered with much faster FPS.

Special Features of Asus ROG GX800

The special features of this laptop are as follows-

  • In SLI it has NVIDIA GTX of the 1080s which is two in number and the display is 4K UHD.
  • It has a high tech mechanical keyboard consisting of RGB backlighting.
  • It is specifically powered by the best processor i.e. Intel Core of i7-7820 HK which is 2.9 GHz of quad-core.
  • Along with its powerful gaming feature, the overall appearance of this laptop is very stylish powered by the clock speed of about 2.9 GHz of quad-core.
  • The entire memory front display of Asus ROG GX800 is 18.4 Inch.
  • Hard drive with 512 GB along with 64 RAM is equipped with this Asus ROG GX800 laptop.
  • The weight of the laptop is just 5.7 kg.
  • The type of hard drive really matters to define the quality of the gaming laptops. In this laptop the type of hard drive is SSD.

Now that you know so much about the brand new model in the market, why don’t you go ahead and give it a try? 

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