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Tips To Make The Most Out Of Your New Amazon ‘Echo’ Device

However, Amazon echo isn’t just for playing music or reading a few lines of a Wikipedia page; it’s much more. In this article, you will come across ways to

How exciting is it to have a virtual assistant to do most of your tasks? It is amazing to even think of how advanced technology can be. You just ask the device to play music, and it obeys your command. Instead of you manually opening the Playlist, the device does it, automatically.

However, Amazon echo isn’t just for playing music or reading a few lines of a Wikipedia page; it’s much more. In this article, you will come across ways to use your virtual assistant more effectively and efficiently.

It’s Kitchen Time!

Don’t you feel the need of an assistant in the kitchen? Especially when your hand is covered in dough, and you suddenly remember that you are running out of cheese supply, just ask Alexa to add tissues to your shopping cart.

Or you are eating dinner, and you realize that the remaining tissues won’t last till the next morning. You can ask Alexa to add that to your shopping cart as well.

If you are concerned that junior members of the family are ordering too much of junk food, you could also set up a confirmation code for voice ordering.

Now, imagine this situation. You have guests in your home, and you need to prepare dinner. You are nervous, and on top of that, you run out of new recipes! What to do? Simply ask Alexa. The ‘food network skill’ gives you access to a library of new and tasty recipes. Things could get even easier if you owned a GE appliance that connects using Wi-Fi. You could simply ask Alexa to switch on the ‘Geneva skill.’ Then command the device accordingly.

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The Set Up

You must be thinking, how to enable the voice orders? In the previous tip, there have been lots of references to voice ordering. It’s easy. You can control the Tap with your voice only. Just enable the ‘hands-free’ mode from the Alexa application and enjoy!

Now come to the wake word ‘Alexa.’ Say the name of your ex-girlfriend was Alexa or maybe your sister is called Alexa, you would not want to call your device by that name, right? There’s a way to reset the wake word to a name or word you prefer. For this, you need to go to the settings tab and choose your device and choose a name. Done!

There are a number of skills that have been developed for Alexa by various developers. This feature helps you to master the skills within no time. There are various gaming skills, cooking skills, bartender skills, etc. What’s more, you can even add new skills by using only voice command. Isn’t that wonderful!

If you’re worried that Alexa will confuse your dad’s voice with yours, you’re wrong. You can set up a voice profile to make sure Alexa recognizes each of your voices separately. For this, you’ll need to make a complete list of prompts, and you are good to go.

You could also ask Alexa to delete embarrassing moments or clips that you longer want to have. Just use the voice command feature.

In your rooms

Do you have echo compatible devices in your room? Then setting your day is just a voice command away.

Setting up an alarm, listening to flash news, playing music, calling an uber in case you’re late, controlling the room temperature will all be done by Alexa.

You could go to settings and phrase out your daily routine so that just by uttering a keyword Alexa will do everything in your routine, one by one.


Amazon Echo is an amazing device to work with. Once you know the feature and how to use them, it’ll be a lot for you to do your daily chores. Plus with an intelligent virtual assistant, life will definitely be better and smarter. 

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