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India At 72: How India Is Standing At The Cusp Of A Great Change

India, a seventh-largest country in the world, is all set to celebrate 72nd Independence Day with glory. Set free from the wrath of English officials in the year 1947, India never looked back and accelerated its development in good cause.

The biggest democracy in the world has seen it all, starting from national emergencies to wars and has done everything right to get place amidst the world leaders.

India: A Great Nation?

The beautiful country of land and rivers, India is well known for its diversity in culture and religion. The oldest of traditions are still rich as it was. With one of the greatest armed forces, India now stands strong in the world position. The backbone of India is agriculture, and variation of food is unmatchable out here. World class education is provided by hundreds of renowned institutions. The first country to implement universal suffrage i.e. every citizen’s right to cast a vote that too implemented on the day India attained freedom. Even other great countries like the United States took 189 years after their Independence to implement this! The democracy over here is so true that anyone, any single Indian citizen can become the leader of this great nation.

A country with hundreds of language, but no national language? Yes, India it is. In fact, India has the largest English speaking population in the world! Train tracks over here carry 20 million people over a single day! India easily outshines any other country in the world when it comes to festival celebration.

But, is that all? If not, what’s the truth?

Well, none of the above was a lie, yes, none! However, India faces tons of problems and is still in course of solving them. Few of the broad categories are poverty with such a huge population (2nd largest in the world), employment, food security, quality education and proper healthcare to all.

India has led many successful reforms to cure these situations but still has a long way to go.

On the edge of Great Change

A decade in India brings millions of changes, only few counting to be not in the favor of the nation. A record number of people were brought out from the swamp of poverty with economic expansion. Impressive consumer growth has resulted in India to be 3rd and 6th largest market for smartphones and cars respectively.

Growing Economy

Apart from being one of the largest economies in the world, India’s economy is the youngest too. Almost two-thirds of the population is below the age of 26. This demographic is hiding the promise of India being the world’s economy ‘thrumming engine’.  

Black Money and Corruption

 Another great problem that comes with such a huge population is corruption and black money. Aadhaar, world’s largest biometric scheme, which was originally proposed by the previous government, did a great deal to root up identity duplicates and corruption-leakages.


8th November 2016 saw one of the boldest moves in Indian history. As the nation woke up to see Donald Trump’s victory, PM Narendra Modi announced the withdrawal of a couple of high-value currency note from the market, leaving people awestruck. The desired motto was to counterfeit black money. While the success of demonetization is still in debate, it is good to see that a political party elected on an anti-corruption manifesto is willing to take such actions to fulfill its agenda.

Security challenges have been taken seriously owing to terrorist activities in the past. The government is constantly making deals to make the India Army much stronger. The fourth largest army in the world is now given a greater share of GDP to enhance its performance than before.


Future-proofing the digital enhancements are the latest trend in India. Indians are the quickest when it comes to adopting new technologies available around them. The government has promised digitalization and is seen to be quite dedicated to it. Digitisation Drive was followed by ‘Make in India’,  which has a significant role in improving India’s economy and uplifting in the rank list of World Bank Business reports.

Historic Tax reform

Last year, India saw a historic Tax reform with GST-Goods and Service Tax coming into effect. All the states and union territories are now one single market. GST checked off cascading taxes, bringing down the cost of local production and bringing in more business from unorganized sectors. Overall this has led to more efficiency and greater Foreign Direct Investments (FDA)

Growing Infrastructure

Infrastructure push is another great change. Building up infrastructure is picking like never before. 83,677 km stretch of road has been included in the five-year plan. And during the achievement of this great number, another significant result would be the creation of 14.2 crores of jobs.

Rural Upbringing

Bringing technology to rural areas isn’t easy, but India has achieved a significant feat over here. With BharatNet Project from Government of India, over 100,000 Village councils and Gram Panchayats have now access to high-speed broadband. This is targeted to improve the digital delivery of services like livelihood, education, healthcare, skill training and e-commerce in addition to generating huge job opportunities.  

Renewable Energy

In terms of improvement in Renewable Energy, which is indeed very much need for a population of this count, India has a significant lead over many major countries. Ranking 4th in terms of harnessing wind power and 6th in that of installed solar capacity, India is all set to fulfill its future need for fuels.

Ambitious targets have been set by Government of India to set record feats in renewable energy. The target is of 175 GW renewable energy which includes 100 GW from solar, 65 GW from wind power, 10 GW from biomass and a small proportion of 5 GW generated from hydro plants.

72 years have gone past the day we were freed, and we attained much but have a lot more to go for. India is surely standing on the cusp of a great change, change positively in regard. Indians with their immense potential for human resources are now picking up the pace to prove their worth in different fields. This peace-loving country has been injured many times in the past but is now stronger to compete with any other nation in the world. With such advancements and attraction, there is surely no looking back.


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