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Comparison between the World’s Two Most Trusted Email Providers- Outlook and Gmail

Today it has a storage capacity of 15 gigabytes which is much higher than any of its competitors.  Today we will discuss Outlook vs Gmail, which one is bett

Microsoft Outlook is a personal information manager available as a part of Microsoft office suite, mainly used as an email application. It also includes note taking, task manager, journal etc. Gmail is a free web-based e-mail service developed by Google.

Today it has a storage capacity of 15 gigabytes which is much higher than any of its competitors. 

Today we will discuss Outlook vs Gmail, which one is better: 

  • Storage:- ​Gmail has a capacity of 15GB; the storage limit is shared between  Gmail, Google photos, and Google drive. It also limits the size of attachment to 25 MB. Whereas the actual storage capacity of outlook is unclear. You can start with 5GB of storage and it increases with time as you use. 
  • Connectivity:-  Outlook supports IMAP and POP although some people have complained about the lack of connectivity. Google mail also uses the same with better connectivity. While testing both the mails it was found that Gmail is the faster one for setting up and retrieving emails. 

  • Security:- Both of them include two-step verification and spam detection. 

  • Organizing emails on Gmail are easy and simple, transparent and automated; on the contrary in Microsoft outlook, it is complicated. 

  • Coming to inbox organization, Gmail's default organization is based on labels and up to 5 tabs. You can assign colors to the labels, use stars, and other symbols to mark the important emails.  Also, we can convert our inbox to classic or priority. Whereas in the case of outlook organization is based on folders, subfolders, and categories. 

  • Advertisements appear as email on the top of the inbox tab. The word AD appears in a yellow box making it easier for us to identify. On the other hand, for outlook, and is displayed to the right of the inbox which takes quite a bit of space on the screen. 

  • After using Gmail for such a long time it is very clear that the spam filtering is very efficient in this. It also helps in filtering unwanted emails. In the spam filter process is less efficient and sometimes it has to be done manually as well.

  • Google mail is mainly used for personal or small businesses whereas the outlook for MS office is widely acknowledged as the standard in many companies. 

  • Due to a large number of users, it is hard to get the desired username in case of Google while in case of outlook, there is no such problem.

Overall, there is very less difference between the two; there is not any such feature in any of these emails which will prove one better than the other. While Gmail is the easier and simpler one, is more tightly integrated with office online. There are a lot of email service providers, but after outlook took over Hotmail, Gmail and have become the two most strong service providers.  So basically your purpose of work will identify what type of email service you are looking for. 


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