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Tech Tips For Non Tech Guys – Smoothen Your Startup With The Basics

Are you planning for a startup?

If you are determined to establish your startup and are facing problems while trying to achieve your dreams, then there are a few things you need to know.


Well, market statistics has revealed a fact that 3 out of every five startup owners face the same problems, especially if you are a non-technical guy.

But that is nothing to worry about because today we are here to discuss some tips that will surely smoothen out the path for any non-tech founder to boost their startup. If you are planning to outsource your business for the reason that you cannot code, it might be a less optimal idea to boost your business.

It is you who have the best knowledge of your business and hence, the duty is yours to find the best technology fit for the problem that your business is trying to solve. Let us not waste any more time and start discussing the tips.

Avoid Reinventing the wheel

Before you invest your effort, it is necessary for you to explore the options for technology that are easily available at your disposal to solve your issue. If you are trying to solve a problem that has already been taken care of, then you can’t help your effort being going to waste.

Decide on a tech stack with good community online

If you are concerned about developing your business, you will be required to search the internet to get answers to your technical issues. A good community can help you on this issue by supporting your project’s development.

Get a framework on the basis of the chosen stack

Frameworks are a must for providing a structure to your code. Similar to the grammar rules prevalent for any spoken language, it is necessary for your code to follow a structure that can be comprehended with ease by others. This allows multiple developers to work efficiently on the same code piece.

Choose the right person to decide on the technology for you

Often there is a hard choice to make between the technology that is ideal for you and the people that have the technical knowledge best suited for you. If you have a trustworthy technical person to guide you, be sure to choose the tech he or she is comfortable to work with.

Learn the web basics

All of you must be aware of the fact that knowledge is true power. To excel, you should at least have a basic idea of how the internet works and how it is at its place today. Then you can get to know the main bricks of any application of the internet. You can either Google it or as a developer friend of yours.

Gather some knowledge on the whys

As mentioned, it is useless to reinvent anything. At the same time, you must be aware of why not to do so. The basics that you need to know to include the type of technology you are using and how it helps you in solving which part of your business problem. In addition, how long will these techs be useful to you and how many people in the market are acquainted with these techs? This will not only help you smoothen and shorten your discussions with your tech team but also help faster iteration for your product.

Have a foundation that is solid

In the instance that you have solved all the points mentioned earlier, it is now time for you to construct something beautiful. The main things you need to have to make the startup foundation solid are:

  • Version control at the right place

  • Reasonable database

  • Following the standards of coding with proper frameworks with well commented and well-documented codes

  • Codes that can be read out as if it is a story

Early and Often Shipping

If you are expecting to that everything will work out smoothly, then that is being of idealist mentality. Rather you should be going with agility and focus on a user-centric iteration that is based on feedback. You must target small releases and more frequent dates to keep your team motivated.

When you have finally got a solid foundation for your business, you can keep up your experiments. The bugs that are less important can be taken care of at a later time. If you have someone who is technical and can help you look into your business problems further, your business will reach new heights in no time at all. He can help you not only with the quick implementation of codes but also save your time by cutting out the features that won’t be necessary anymore in the future. It is most advisable that you do not repeat business logic all by yourself.


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