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Estimating the cost of application maintenance and upgradation!

Let us tell you how! Well, you surely have expended a lot over the application! But then again, what you must understand is that constant updates and maintenanc

Do you have an application? Well, if you have a business in this era, then the application is a must tool for you! The main question is though do you maintain it regularly?

Why do I need to maintain it? I have paid so much already for the launch of the application! Well, here is where you are wrong sir/ma’am!


Let us tell you how! Well, you surely have expended a lot over the application! But then again, what you must understand is that constant updates and maintenance are exactly what will keep your consumers with you.

How? Well, let us take you through an example. Your kids love visiting an entertainment park! But even after 5 years and so much of updating around, the entertainment park refuses to upgrade.

Will not your children start hating it? For how long will they want to visit the same place with the same rides and same old tricks? Well, not for very long! And the same way, even if the application you have expended for initially was expensive! Yet updating and that too properly is what will keep the patrons interested.

So, will it cost a lot? You shouldn’t be worried about that at the beginning. Rather you should ask that what the areas that need maintenance are!

These areas need maintenance:

The following are the various areas in an application that needs constant upgrading:

The content:

Yes, every patron is interested in how the content is worked on in an application. There is absolutely no doubt in the fact that the contents speak for the brand, the company, and the business. If the application fails at upgrading them then the patrons will hardly take time to be bored. This is one reason why the content is worked on.

The information and the storage:

This is, of course, another of the main things that need attention. Where do you think that all the information collected by the applications go? Well, they are stored and well taken care of. This is exactly when the expenditure has to be considered. There are so many uses of this information obviously.

The security:

Security needs severe and random maintenance, and this is something that cannot be compromised. No business will like that the privacy of their patrons is in danger. And this is exactly why the security is to be worked on quite efficiently. There is no doubt in the fact that the people can really get through with the best results.

The bugs:

The bugs need fixing and that too very aggressively. If the consumers face difficulty even for a single day, there are high chances they may stop using the application at all. This is one of the major reasons why the bugs will have to fix and the apps will have to be upgraded from time to time. Of course, this is one of the major advantages of the upgrading system.

New features:

Without these, the application will see the face of doom and that too very soon. This is one of the major reasons why the features will have to be constantly taken care of. One must necessarily understand that the new features will help the people with the best results! People must be aware of the fact that the features will need changing quite often.

The push notifications:

This is another of the major things that will have to be updated regularly. The push notifications are really necessary for you no matter what. These keep the consumers interested in the application all the time.

There are various other things that will need the updating of the same. And these are exactly where the costs will also be calculated. Taking all these matters into consideration, you must understand that the expenditure for the up gradation and the maintenance is absolutely beneficial for you.

So what is the cost of maintenance?

When it comes to calculating the cost of maintenance then the main thing is the percentage of the main cost. Around 20% of the main cost of creating the application is exactly what your expenditure for the maintenance is each year.

So in case, you had to expend somewhere around 2,00,000 for the creation of the application! Then you will have to pay around 40,000 each year for maintaining the application properly. This is a benefit for you in the most appropriate way!

So in case you want to start a business, remembering these figures will be helpful to you all in all.

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