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Nokia 6.1 Review: Lots of hits, a few misses

The display, maybe, could have been upgraded to an 18:9 screen ratio for a more up to date feel, and there may be room for improvement more or less for the came

The Nokia 6.1 Smartphone is Nokia doing what it does best: making inexpensive, quality phones. This mid segment smartphone is a solid product, better than most of its contemporaries, and equipped with a microSD slot, a 3.5mm headphone jack makes it a competent phone that's a joy to use.

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The display, maybe, could have been upgraded to an 18:9 screen ratio for a more up to date feel, and there may be room for improvement more or less for the camera. This is a solid new affordable Smartphone free from bloatware, and due to Android One, you can be sure that it will stay updated for years. While there are certainly nits to pick, this Smartphone delivers on the basics: software, performance, screen quality and most importantly battery life. It's a commendable nominee for the "best affordable smartphone" cap.

It's not just the hardware that makes a difference here, with Full HD display and Snapdragon processors, but this Nokia phone when putting down on the table, it's a smart, good-looking phone that shows that the brand has set up its form once again.

What we loved:

•    Excellent build quality

•    Great value

•    Runs Android One

What could be better:

•    A little bulky

•    Camera is hit and miss

•    The essentials


•    5.5-inch 1080p display

•    Snapdragon 630 processor

•    32GB storage, 3GB RAM

•    16MP rear-facing camera

•    3,000mAh battery.

Nokia’s new launch takes a lot of its blueprint from its forerunner. It’s an all metal built Smartphone and is easy to hold and is easy to use with one hand. The facade of the Smartphone is a wide 5.5-inch display with 16:9 full HD screen. On top of the display, there’s an earpiece and followed by a front camera of 8MP and the Nokia logo.

This phone comes with a 16MP back camera which is the identical unit from last year’s but now it uses a Zeiss optics and an 8MP f2.0 front camera sensor. The rear camera takes surprisingly good images in well-lit conditions and the HDR features also did a great job in managing the shadows without making it look unnatural. While taking selfies we noticed that in the well-lit condition the images turned out to be a little burnt lacking in the dynamic range of the sensor. However, the sharpness and details were good. In low light condition, the camera again tends to produce sub-par image quality with lots of grains in the image.

The video quality of the phone is quite good and it can shoot 4K video at 30fps, a big jump in the resolution from the last year’s 1080p recording.

If a value is your primary concern, the Nokia 6.1 is a solid pick. We're still fighting the urge to face it off against the floor. For the money, there's very little to complain about. Sure, the camera could be better, but that's a charge that could be levied across all affordable Smartphone. And yes, the design could be more modern, but the this Smartphone is hardly an unattractive device.

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