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Honor 7X or Honor 9 Lite? Which one to choose

Honor has been setting its foot in the Indian smartphone market since quite a time now. This Chinese smartphone company has been very quick with its launches. And that is very evident since Honor 7X was launched in December 2017 and Honor 9Lite in January 2018.Honor 7X and Honor 9Lite both are pretty close in their prices. Well, you might be thinking why launch two phones with similar prices. So, here we’ll be enlightening you with every bit of information you need to know about these two phones. Because the more you know, the better you’ll buy!

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Considering the design of these two, Just in case you haven’t seen these smartphones, 9Lite looks way better than 7X. The classy all-glass design of 9Lite brings it a step ahead in the matter of looks. Moreover, 9Lite is light and compact. On the other hand, the 7X has a packing of aluminium shell that feels heavier. But then, if you ask whether 7X is too bad in design. The answer is a resounding No! The phone is elegant enough to buy and is meant to be more robust. Long battery life is an essential parameter while choosing a smartphone. Well, 7X has a longer battery life, with a 3340mAh battery on paper. While on the other hand, 9lite has a 3000mAh battery. Although the difference is really small, the 7X lasted longer when used. You can go for a whole day without charging your phone. But you might need to look for a charge if you happen to use 9Lite.

Honor has focused too well on the cameras of these two phones. So you wouldn’t be upset with at least this feature of these smartphones, since both of them have a dual camera on the back. And if that was not enough, 9Lite has a dual camera in front as well. Although the photos are quite similar, 9Lite steals the show. Better colors, large dynamic range and better in eliminating noise: these are few things which make the camera quality of 9Lite stand out.

9Lite also leads in terms of its performance. Although both have similar hardware features, the RAM is different. The Honor 7X comes with 4GB RAM and has 32GB and 64GB storage. Whereas, 9Lite comes in both 3GB and 4GB RAM options and has a storage of 32GB and 64 GB respectively. Moreover, 9Lite has EMUI 8.0 on top of Android Oreo whereas the EMUI 8.0 update is awaited in 7X. If you love the experience of FM radio, this might be very upsetting for you to know that Honor 9Lite does not have one.

Honor 9Lite comes at Rs10,999 and is a decent buy at this price. But if you wish to spend a little more, you can have the Honor 7X at Rs15000. If you want a smartphone that looks pretty and you happen to be someone very careful about handling phones, 9Lite is exactly where your search ends! But then, if you are someone who is pretty accidental with his cellphones, do not, I repeat do not go for 9Lite.

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