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Hyundai Reorganizes International Business; makes India a regional headquarter

Hyundai has reconsolidated its business operations into regional headquarters and has opened the first three headquarters for Europe, India and America. These are the three of its biggest markets. The company has announced organizational changes which will see the company set up regional headquarters for each region. The automaker has launched Hyundai Motor North America headquarters, Hyundai Motor India headquarters and Hyundai Motor Europe Headquarters. All the three headquarters will be effective from 2nd July 2018. These new regional headquarters will grant autonomy to each region in an effort to enable sustainable growth and enhance innovation.

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Following this announcement, Hyundai will also add more regional headquarters by 2019 as a part of its reorganizational efforts. The brand’s Global Operations Division will continue in Seoul, South Korea. The current president of Hyundai, Hyung-cheong Kim will be promoted to executive vice president who will take charge of the Global Operations Division at Seoul headquarters.


The India headquarters will be headed by the executive vice president and managing director, Young-key Koo. The headquarters will enhance operations in the market. The North America headquarters will encompass the multiple facilities of the brand in the region which include the manufacturing plant in Alabama, that acts as the production hub for the Americas in addition to the three sales units for US, Mexico and Canada. This team will be led by the Executive Vice President Yong woo Lee who will leave the current position as the Head of Hyundai Brazil to take up this new role.


Hyundai Motor Europe headquarters will bring regions including Czech Republic and Turkey based manufacturing unit under the European headquarters. It will be headed by Dong-woo-Choi who has been promoted to the Executive Vice President from the current role of head of European Operations Division in Seoul. The responsibilities for every region includes the entire aspect of business which can be divided into marketing, product planning, manufacturing and sales. Every individual region will operate actively to respond to the changing market trends and the needs of the consumers. Each headquarter will have functional divisions for planning, finance, customer experience and products. The regional groups will work closely with the corporate headquarters in order to advance the global business operations.

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