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iPhone 8 plus vs iPhone X: which one is worth the skip?

Apple announced about iPhone 8 plus and about iPhone X on 12th September 2017 at the Steve Jobs Theatre in the Apple Park campus. And if you are an Apple fan, I’m sure you would be stumbling upon the question of which one to take? Is the premium worth it? Or is the iPhone X any better than the top end iPhone 8 plus?

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Well, iPhone X is the highly anticipated phone for the company’s 10th anniversary of the iPhone debut. Since it officially turned 10, it recalls the days when it took the entire mobile industry by storm and crushed aside blackberry, Palm and Windows mobile smartphones which ruled once upon a time.

If we talk about the size, iPhone 8 plus measures 158.4mm in length and 7.5mm in thickness. On the other hand, iPhone X is thicker by 2mm and measures 143.6mm. When it comes to the weight, iphone X weighs 174 grams whereas iPhone 8 plus weighs about 202 grams. So if your choice is going to be based on the size and weight, make a note, iPhone 8 plus is quite bigger and heavier comparatively.

The iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus are almost identical in terms of the screen size, 5.8in Super Retina HD Display, and 5.5in Retina HD Display, respectively. Well, it looks like the clear winner here is iPhone X, in terms of the longer screen, and iPhone 8 plus in terms of larger screen. I think it's difficult to recommend one phone over the other here. In fact, it totally depends on your needs.

Looking closely at the processor of the two phones, it is found that they are nothing but the same- Apple’s A11 Bionic system-on-chip. When it came to benchmarking the tests, it was found out that iPhone 8 plus scored slightly higher than the iphone X. But hey! Whichever phone you choose, I’m sure the processor wouldn’t be the reason to disappoint you.

There’s one more thing you must know before intending to buy iPhone X is the missing home button. Yes! You heard that right. You may have to learn how to navigate without the home button. It’s a little weird since it does not use Apple’s most iconic design. Well, if you’re the one who can embrace change and adapt to this quickly, you’ve got it already!

We feel somewhat dismal about the loss of Touch ID on the iPhone X. We loved the straightforwardness of having the capacity to open our telephone just by touching the Home Button, and we appreciated having the capacity to utilize our iPhone to pay for things in shops. With Face ID you will open your telephone by taking a gander at it. This is another difference between the two and the choice is all yours!

Right now, we'd say go ahead and buy the iPhone 8 Plus if you want to use the improved Portrait Mode. That's unless you want to be one of an elite using the new iPhone X and all the bragging rights that entail.

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