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Google maps get a facelift!

The AR (augmented reality) is the hottest feature of google maps right now. This feature enables pedestrians to identify places and routes by overlaying m

Whenever we are in doubt most of us think of Google. Google is the biggest search engine and the most widely used platform as of now. Google maps are a great way to explore new places. With google maps, one can be sure of the routes and the best part is one does not have to ask around for directions! While travelling in a new city one can simply switch on the google maps and find out the nearest places and how to reach them with all details about traffic congestions and road conditions. Google maps have added a few key features in its latest version and that makes them oh-so-awesome!

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  • The AR (augmented reality) is the hottest feature of google maps right now. This feature enables pedestrians to identify places and routes by overlaying maps on their camera. One simply has to switch on the camera and start walking. Google maps will overlay the routes, read road signs, point out happening places and important buildings around and also will point arrows to whichever way the user wants to go. It is a combination of Google’s existing street view and maps data with a live feed from the user’s phone camera.

  • Google maps are also installing a “for you” tab which is a feature which will recommend places and events near the user according to their taste and preferences. It will use past data, likes and reviews added by the user to determine further choices. For example, if google map knows what kind of cuisine one prefers then recommendations will come in keeping in focus only that kind of food.

  • Google is also testing on adding AR animal guide (a dog) who will be helpful in guiding pedestrians along the way.

  • Apart from showing routes and traffic conditions, google maps will now also show available parking spots near the destination. For people who cannot be punctual, google maps will now also tell around what time the user will have to start their journey in order to reach on time.

  • Google maps now will also show “atmosphere” photos so that users can quickly browse images of the location they are about to visit. That way it is convenient for users to get to know things about say a popular restaurant before visiting! Moreover, it is also possible to check out the menu card even before one has stepped inside.

  • Voice commands have been upgraded and now it is possible for users to ask questions to google maps and they will be guided properly. For example, users can ask-“how do I get to (a place) with minimum traffic on road?” and they will be guided promptly. A few more voice commands would include- calling somebody, finding gas stations, locating hotels and playing music.

In a nutshell, the new and improved version of google maps will be the ultimate answer to all travel queries and location related issues that one might have while exploring a new place or even searching for something in one’s hometown.

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