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Bicycle sharing firm from China gets more than 1.1 million orders in India

Ofo, A Chinese bicycle sharing company has received more than 1.1 million orders in India this year. The company mentioned that India indeed needs more of such environmentally friendly public transport options. The firm entered India’s market in November 2017 and its services are available across seven Indian cities, including Ahmedabad, New Delhi, Bangalore, Indore, Coimbatore, Pune and Chennai.

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Dexter Sim, incharge of India business of OFO stated that India has a huge population and the urban problems are worsening. There are problems like traffic congestion and environmental pollution, due to which India needs more environmentally friendly means of public transport. Further, he stated that there are more than 15 Indian cities that are interested in this service.

Ofo has operations in 19 foreign countries and offers more than 1.20 lakh green rides across in more than 70 cities across the globe. The bicycle sharing concept has rekindled the cycle revolution of the country when millions of Chinese used to cycle to work long before modernization was achieved. The bicycles are shared by people across most of the Chinese cities which helps reduce congestion due to public transport.

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