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Here’s why the upcoming OnePlus 6 will sport the notch design

In recent news from OnePlus the co-founder of the successful Chinese start-up firm has confirmed the speculations among mobile phone enthusiasts and reviewers. The upcoming new flagship from OnePlus, named OnePlus 6 will sport an iPhone like notch design. Carl Pei confirmed the same yesterday.

Soon after his announcement, a lengthy blog post was published by the second OnePlus co-founder Pete Lau. He detailed why the company is embracing the notch design that was introduced by Apple, with their recent flagship model iPhone X. While being inspired from the obvious, i.e. Apple the pioneering company that most other mobile manufacturers heavily draws from in terms of design and tech; the OnePlus 6 will sport a smaller and sleeker notch. This is to boost the user experience with the controversial notch design that many other Android knock-ups could not improve.

The company’s decision to use the notch design despite hatred from numerous smartphone lovers was defended in Peter Lau’s blog post, where he talks about how they do not need the entire width of top bezel space, due to improvements in their technical components and design. The company seems to have had an epiphany on their screen’s display size soon after Apple.

The notch for the OnePlus 6 will also be placed at the centre and the decision to do so by the manufacturer has also been defended by the blogging co-founder. Peter went on to state that moving the notch to a side would have affected the camera angle on the phone, it would have made photography through the front camera cumbersome, making it difficult to orient the camera and click snapshots fast. He further went on to state that moving the notch would have come in the way of their “industry-leading face unlock feature”, compromising its speed and reliability.

Without deviating too much from the iPhone X’s design, the space freed up with the notch will also showcase the status icons and notifications at the top. The co-founder further stated that this notch design is not only meant for maximum space utilization but also for to offer superior performance. The new model is expected to come equipped with a large 6.28-inch display.

As for the availability of this large display, Lau has confirmed that the one chosen for their flagship OnePlus 6 will be available readily for fast production and delivery. However, the notch is not all positives and Lau did discuss about some of the glitches that may arise due to the notch and the phone’s proprietary Oxygen OS, which is being optimized to run seamlessly with the notch. He still assured that users will be able to read all their notifications and access alerts easily.

While the top bezel will be maximized for space, the phone is still expected to come with a small chin area. Peter Lau stated that the lower chin is necessary for connecting the large display with the rest of the smartphone’s hardware, which houses most of the connecting parts. To improve video viewing while in the landscape mode the notch can be disabled with a compatibility mode, as promised by the manufacturers.

OnePlus admittedly while one of the foremost players embracing the notch culture of smartphones are not the first ones to follow Apple’s suit. Other Chinese manufacturers like Oppo, Vivo and Huawei have already unapologetically launched replicas of the iPhone X model with a notched bezel-less display. However, fans of OnePlus are still expectant of great quality and improved design from the manufacturer as the company is known offer great power packed devices at pocket-friendly prices. Hopefully, the OnePlus 6 with the notch will be an improvement from the existing iPhone X clones.

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