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UK’s Dyson launches in India

UK’s leading technology company-Dyson opened its first store in the country by launching a select range of products which include the Supersonic hair dryer, cord free vacuum cleaners and connected intelligent air purifiers. It has been holding trials of some of the products for more than a year and half in India by placing them in 150 households and learning the local usage habits.

Dyson has opened with a customized marketing strategy for India. It will have at least 20 stores that will be set up over the next five years and the first of these has opened at DLF Promenade Mall in Delhi. Over a period of next six months, it will open a demo store in Mumbai and Bengaluru. This strategy is very different from the one used in other countries where there is atleast one company owned demo store.

Dyson has received its license for Single Brand Retail Trade in India in 2017 had announced it will invest more than INR 1,200 crore in the next five years. They have followed a unique strategy to provide concierge services in order to conduct demos at the homes of the consumers as well. The products manufactured by Dyson are fitted with a digital motor which needs experiencing and understanding and hence, the stress on demos.

This demo service will begin in Delhi and Gurgaon before expanding to Mumbai and Bengaluru later in the year. Dyson will rely on ecommerce channels in India through its own website and through a partnership with Amazon India. All the online channels will cover Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru initially and then expand to other metros.

The products are ranged at INR 34,900 for the desk air purifier, INR 27,900 for supersonic hairdryer and INR 32,400 for the cord free vacuum. All the products are new in class in the global portfolio of the UK Company. The robotic vacuum cleaner will also be introduced in a matter of time.

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