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Are innovative beverages helping to increase the restaurant popularity… Let’s find out!

The way the customers experience beverages now is changing and it is way beyond the theoretical concepts. It is the experience today that matters the most. People have become very particular about their requirements and taste and it is both for alcoholic as well as non-alcoholic drinks. The way restaurants and hotels serve beverages has also changed. The popularity of a beverage brand depends a lot on hotel than a consumer. Customers look at a bottle and the way it is presented makes a customer choose their drink and it is amazing. Globalization has a great impact on the hospitality industry, but experts share that India is not keenly following the global trends. The beverage sale trends have flipped and standalone restaurants’ are doing much more in the beverage space than hotels. There is an acute need to ramp up the beverage scene in the luxury hotels. There are gaps in the form of lack of knowledge which has brought fear and ignorance and this is leading to missing of the opportunities. 

There is a lot of scope when it comes to innovation in beverages and efforts like beverage program will have to be designed and implemented so that hospitality industry can champion the beverage vertical as well. Hoteliers’ interest has exponentially grown in back-end operations like bar equipment, storage, etc. Simple things like having the bar set-up and equipment, keeping the bar tender in mind make a huge difference in service and efficiency of the bar tender. It becomes easier for him to work on that set up. Even in the back end operations, a lot of things can be done, which will ultimately affect the front end. Such things have been quite trending globally.

For the beverage sector, things have changed dramatically. It’s not just the beverage now, but even the glasses in which they are served. Customers look for differentiation and new combinations and this is further making the hotels to innovate. Moreover, price plays a big role in the beverage sales, so if taxes are rationalized it will have a big impact. People do not come only for Food and Beverages, but they come for an experience; especially the younger generation. ‘GLOCAL’ is coming into the picture and people want to see and visit where hospitality is good. Value, cost, experience… Hospitality is now a 360 degree of everything.

People are experiencing new beverages’ by travelling and they want the same flavors when they come back to India. This has put a pressure on F&B professionals and promoters. With the cocktail revolution going to another level, the big brands have specially designed programs that are focusing only on the bartender skills. Such programs are a great step to understand the concept of beverage service and experience. The industry needs to invest in training and make the bartender experience how it is being on the other side. A great conversation across the bar table, the way we present and interact with our customers, the design of the bar etc. are some factors that play a big role.

The customers today want more exotic, personalized and upscale beverages. Hotels and restaurants are offering custom-made fountain sodas, signature restaurant beverages, specialty ice teas, cocktails, etc. as they know that customers choose flavor over price. F&B should be taken as a new research and development department. We need to explore and bring new products as per the taste. The offerings gave to be evolved if we want to stay in the market.

Thus, beverages are the new social gathering tools. Whether sharing an ice cream soda, toasting a new bride and groom with champagne, celebrating a promotion with a fine vintage, or meeting friends for coffee, the beverages provide your outlet with the social background. So that may be a coffee or juice in the morning; an ice tea or soda during lunch or a bottle of wine for dinner, the food is always incomplete without beverage!

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