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Everything you need to know about Adam's Bridge

An International channel has reignited the debate on the mythical Ram Setu or Adam’s Bridge due to a statement on a special show. The Ram Setu or Adam’s Bridge is a chain of limestone shoals between Rameshwaram Island and Pamban off the south-east coast of Tamil Nadu and Mannar Island on the North West coast of Sri Lanka. The Science Channel mentioned that there exists evidence which suggests that the bridge connecting India and Sri Lanka was man-made and not natural. 

The channel is owned by Discovery Communications and as a part of a promo for an upcoming show titled What on Earth, quoted Chelsea Rose, an archaeologist saying that the rocks on the top of the sand actually predate the sand. According to Ramayana, the Ram Setu Bridge was built under the guidance of Lord Ram in order to facilitate the rescue of Sita, who was held in Sri Lanka after the abduction by Lankan king Ravana. The scientists claim vindicates BJP’s stand. The party had already been opposing the dredging activity which was meant to dismantle the ridge. This discovery and findings vindicate the people’s beliefs that Lord Ram created the path to reach Sri Lanka to rescue Sita from the clutches of Ravana.

Now the UPA finds itself in a dock. During 2007-08, the Congress led UPA told the Supreme Court that no bridge existed between India and Sri Lanka. UPA stated that even if Lord Ram built one, he must have destroyed it later. In July 2008, the government had said that there is no bridge. It was not a manmade structure. It could be a superman made structure but the same superman had destroyed it. And this is why for centuries nobody mentioned anything about it. The Supreme Court had granted six weeks to the NDA government on November 13, 2017 to clarify its stand on Ram Setu.

BJP leader Subramanian Swamy mentioned that the government had already made its stand clear in the Parliament that they are not going to touch the Ram Setu. During earlier hearings, the leader had submitted that the Centre has made a statement on the floor of Parliament that it has no intentions whatsoever to tamper with the bridge. The Sethusamudram shipping channel project has been facing various protests from political parties, environmentalists and certain Hindu religious groups. Under this project, an 83 km long deep water channel is to be created which will link Mannar with Palk Strait by extensive dredging and removal of the limestone shoals. 

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