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Make way for men’s grooming industry

Brands are now catering to the demands of the consumers at the various stages of their evolution. With an increasing consumerism and the growing beard and moust

The grooming industry for men is currently at a nascent stage as compared to the women’s beauty care industry. Male consumers are getting aware about the kind of products and services in the market that cater to their needs. This has also made men careful towards their appearance and they strive to project a well groomed personality. There are two types of male consumers in the industry-one is the hyper aware consumer who uses a range of grooming products regularly and then there is the male consumer who is going through the motions of telling apart a moisturizing cream from a sunscreen lotion.

Brands are now catering to the demands of the consumers at the various stages of their evolution. With an increasing consumerism and the growing beard and moustache trend, companies are coming out with innovative products for the specific needs of men. Although the sales growth is generated by mass produced goods, innovations are often introduced by brands in the premium segment. Five years back, many current players in the industry couldn’t have thought of being present in the rural areas or Tier III cities. However, those areas are currently being catered.

The young professionals, for whom experimenting and trying out innovative products has become a second nature, are also contributing to the growth of the segment. The number of men who realize the importance of grooming has significantly grown. This could be due to the hectic lifestyles that leads to early ageing or due to work pressures. There is an increasing awareness about the impact of unfriendly environmental conditions like pollution which has led to an increase in the demand for skincare products.

Despite the increasing purchasing power among consumers, Indian men still prefer products that are available at lower rates. Due to this, international players have started introducing wide range of basic and moderately priced products with an added benefit without the premium positioning to increase the volume of sales. Various foreign brands with a strong support structure and an India specific pricing strategy have also entered the market. Competitive pricing plays a significant role in how receptive the consumer mindset is. Consumers begin with utility based offerings; and are eventually shifting to a full grooming experience in the form of products or experiencing a service. Men are no longer looking for a special occasion for a haircut or a facial; they are now regular consumers across various salon chains in the country. From haircuts to hair color and pedicures, men are now indulging in the experience of salon services. Various brands have a separate budget to cater to advertising of men’s grooming products.

The frequency of shopping is also fuelled by smartphones which has brought the consumers and products closer. In addition, the aggressive marketing by brands and the sale periods in the online space is pushing the men’s grooming growth bar higher. The consumer segment was always aware about grooming products; however, with the increasing awareness of men grooming products in the country, the category is expanding like never before.

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