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Artificial intelligence will replace existing jobs: Amazon AI head

Artificial intelligence is gaining importance across the globe and is expected to replace some of the current jobs in the sector, however, it is expected that AI will create more jobs in the future since many sectors will begin to leverage from the use of it.

A top Amazon India executive mentioned that there is a vast area of machine learning, data science and artificial intelligence. This is going to be a significant technology for the future and is being used is many industries from e-commerce to retail to finance and manufacturing. Amazon, apart from other e-commerce companies use artificial intelligence extensively for the detection of fraud, stocking adequate inventory, forecasting demand and product search ranking.

With an increasing use of AI there is an increasing concern about the job losses across various manual areas like assortment and product delivery. This will require the employees to develop skills across data science and machine learning in order to make the most of the job opportunities in the near future. AI is expected to be highly leveraged on the Diwali festival season and the technology will be used in order to improve the addresses of the customers.

Amazon, which begins its Great Indian Festival Sale, said the Indian market has a specific challenge that begins with the lack of adequate delivery addresses which lead to failed delivery. The company is ranking the quality of the addresses entered by the people. This strikes as a problem in India more than in any other country because the addresses in India are not very well structured.

It also uses artificial intelligence to learn about a customer’s intention to purchase a product on their website and based on the same, engages the interests of the customers. For people who are browsing the products will be provided with the comparison of the products to help them make up their mind. If they have already chosen the products they intend to buy then the technology can show them the best deals on the product and the prices they are being offered at.

Individuals need to reskill and learn the latest technology across every sector in order to be at the top of their service. Artificial intelligence has become a prominent part of every industry in the market and is gaining prominence across the country. It has already led to the replacement of various manual jobs and is expected to replace many jobs in the near future as well.


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