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Looking for Term insurance Plan?

Puzzled which plan is best and where to get best cost. Now get a hassle free Term Insurance Plan with best prices with Our experts provide you the best options available, Insure yourselves and your family from the best offers available in the market, which perfectly suits your requirements.

Why to Take Term Insurance?

Individual can cover themselves as well as their families Financial goals and life. Maximum risk is covered by taking term insurance which is cheaper than the other types of insurance. It can be also used to cover your risk of business loss which occurs due to mishap or the death of key persons as it helps to pays off loans/debts that might have been taken during the lifetime of an individual.

What’s Covered in Term Insurance?

A term Insurance policy will basically cover the individual’s life for an average lifetime period of 40 years. Usually, for almost every individual, this period is assumed to be the life between 18 years to 60 years of age (65 years for the latest cases)’. At the time of expiry of the policy if insured has survived the policy tenure then nothing is payable to the insured or his/her dependents.

What’s NOT Covered in Term Insurance?

Undoubtedly, Term Insurance covers untimely and unexpected death. There are certain limitations, where the claim is considered differently. A term plan may or may not cover suicidal death, and this will be defined in the policy. There will be a clause for suicide wherein if the policy holder’s suicide occurs within one year of commencement of the term insurance, or within one year of revival of the policy, then that death will not be considered for a claim. Few life insurance companies might pay back the partial or total amount of premium that was paid by the policyholder in case of suicidal death of the policyholder within one year of the commencement of the policy.

Key point to note before choosing the Term Insurance Plan.

1) Do you need a risk cover?
Yes! Term insurance is a must in case you have family members either parents, spouse or children dependent on you.
2) How much Risk Cover is adequate?
A critical point to note is you should be covered for a sum which is at least 10 times greater than your annual income.
3)What are the Advantages of term life insurance?
When compared to alternate insurance product, buying life insurance is way cheaper. Coverage of risk obtained by paying a small insurance premium is much larger than for ULIPs.
4) Do you need additional cover apart from pure life cover?
There are add ons that come with a term plan. In case if you feel these add ons will have additional value, you can add it in your term plan cover.
5) The right age to obtain a term insurance?
Buying early gives you the advantage of lower premiums.

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