How You Can Easily Get Your Updated Or Lost Pan Card Online

By B2B Desk | 2018-08-31

Many times you might want to update your PAN card and make some changes on it, or you want to reapply for the pan card which you already lost. Is there an easy way to do it? Well, definitely, the entire procedure can be done online which will let you apply for a reprinted version of your original PAN card. 

Did you know you can get the date of birth, incorrect name, photo or any other thing updated? Let's take a look at the way you can update your PAN card online.

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Steps To Get Your Lost Of Updated PAN Card Online

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Easy steps right? So this is how one can generate updated or lost PAN card online. you will have absolutely no trouble generating it for yourself. So don’t worry if you have lost your PAN card, this is how it can be reprinted and used, or you can update the minor changes in your PAN card. Remember there is nothing to be scared of. Just get a computer and follow the steps and bang! You’ll get the regenerated card soon!


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